Dapper Ideas and Classy Classes (200+ item ideas and 14 new classes)


With the arrival of a new forum dedicated to Realm of the Mad God, I figure that now is a good time as any to bring up my archive of item and class ideas, especially with the advent of 6 new class ideas!

Item Ideas
Class Ideas

As always, I’m all ears for suggestions that anyone has to make, whether something is too strong, useless, or confusing.

Edit: Changed the link to one that can freely be shared. My bad!

New class: Soldier
[Class Idea] Ronin - The Binding Katana
Staff of Elements
Status Effect Depletion
Spore Vice- A UT Trap by Atrapper
The Outrider - Support Bow Class
Best of the Best Nominations - December 2017
PT: 3 new Classes. Bard, Battlemage, Summoner
Best of the Best Nominations - December 2017

Can’t access document :c
Saw some of these on reddit, when did you make these?


so so long ago

i love them all dapper


I started making these around the middle of 2012, just a few months after I started playing for the first time. I added a couple ideas after every time I died in the game, and that lead to an ideas thread that is probably too large for its own good.


My favourite aspect of these ideas is that they follow the original Wildshadow design tropes; including those luscious descriptions which tantalise the intellect with snippets of lore. DECA should strive to forgo the trite and tawdry Kabam-esque style, and return to the time-hallowed RotMG charm exemplified by your ideas.
You are a true inspiration! :slight_smile:


The far right one looks like it was blatantly ripped from […] (Insanity staff with some extra pixels)
Other than that.



I can see the resemblance to the Crimson Moon Glaive, it’s actually pretty uncanny. But I guess something had to be sooner or later.


Yeah, its really no biggie. That was just the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. Also uh
#cool item name




Like old times, I come to bump the thread with content! This time, it is all of the untiered Chisels for the Jeweler. The exact statistics can be seen in the Classes section, but here’s a quick rundown:

The Rune Scriber Chisel boosts stats in armor instead of accessories and weapons.

The Cintamani Chisel boosts the stats that are not boosted by equipment.

The Chisel of Replication grants the boosts given by your own accessories to all players.

The Bone Chisel’s boosts are added on top of the boosts from other chisels, and provide large health boosts if possible.

The Crystalline Chisel provides straight stat boosts across the board, regardless of equipment.

And finally, the Furrowing Chisel is very weak, but it provides exceptional Mana and Wisdom boosts.


I eagrely await the ‘retired sprites’ section. I really miss the old Demon Jowel Glaive, for some reason…
Also, is the Wyrm Slayer Trap a referance to Dune? It’s very nice ;3


for the class: maybe u need to create some class very different to the original, the 90% have stats that are the same of the normal class. for ability and other stuff, are good. maybe too much but still good. for the weapons: i dont read. i think u need to focalize on one new class at time, and create a good one. the status effect are all very difficult to implement in the game, i think.


A very loose reference, but it was definitely inspired by it. Nice eye!

I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Pretty much every class here has a stat spread that is unique to their weapon type.

[quote=“Tesoretto, post:16, topic:531, full:true”]
i think u need to focalize on one new class at time, and create a good one.[/quote]

Do you have any issues or critiques with any of them? I would never be offended to hear them.

[quote=“Tesoretto, post:16, topic:531, full:true”]
the status effect are all very difficult to implement in the game, i think.[/quote]
Some more than others, I think. I don’t think Reaching will ever appear in the game (especially since it’s granted by a class from a new weapon category), but something like Bypass or Protection isn’t out of the realm of impossibility.

Incidentally: bump with content! This time, the set of Untiered Blooms for the Dryad!

The Haloflower Bloom inflicts an insane amount of damage, but it only does so over a single tile and does not block enemy projectiles.

The Desert Bloom grows in a large cross formation, and its segments explode after being destroyed by enemies. I’d also like to thank /u/Drew9900 for the inspiration for the idea; thanks, mate!

The Somber Bloom grows in a small cross, and foes that walk over it become weakened instead of damaged, reducing their damage output by 25%.

The Carnivorous Bloom slows down foes while inflicting decent damage.

The Lotus Bloom grows in an enormous diamond, but each tile only has 5 HP and it can only spawn directly under your feet. However, foes that walk over it are quieted, and become unable to inflict status effects.

And finally, the Coral Bloom grows in a large empty diamond shape, and has an enormous health pool. However, it cannot cover hazardous terrain, and it’s the only Bloom with a cooldown.


Not while there are still class UTs to be made to bump this thread. Here are the Gambler’s UT moneybags! To those unaware, moneybags inflict heavily variable damage; the t6 Treasury inflicts damage as high as 1500 and as low as 100. They also inflict Frenzy, which causes enemy shots to be able to hit other enemies (although they won’t target them).

Jackpot can deal consistently high damage, but it has a very short range and Frenzy duration.

Lottery also has a short range and duration, but it can pierce multiple enemies.

Bribe inflicts rather small damage, but has the longest Frenzy duration of any coinbag.

Charity sends out four projectiles instead of one, although its duration is fairly small.

Arrears steals HP instead of inflicting Frenzy.

Usury will inflict a target with Unstable instead of Frenzy, causing their own shots to damage themselves (although it cannot kill them this way).


After this, it’s only two more classes, and I can let this topic drift away. But it shall not go quietly into the night.

This time, the Apothecary UT’s shines. Mortars usually provide a somewhat weak heal, but they act as a fairly wide, long distance projectile and many of them grant Protection, which protects against acquiring a single status ailment. They also have a fairly large AoE burst when the projectile ends or hits a wall, which can heal players a second time.

The Mortar of the Forest Witch does not launch a projectile or cure status effects. However, it does grant speediness while placing the healing circle over the player for its duration.

The Mortar of the Holy Requiem does not grant Protection, but instead cures status ailments directly.

The Piquant Mortar has a short range, but blinds foes, halving the range of their projectiles.

The Mortar of Solemn Fragrance also has a short range, and very meager healing, but it has a radius that is twice as large as a tiered mortar, at 4.

The eldritch Mortar of Madness cannot bypass obstacles, but it does inflict Hallucination on foes, causing them to target other foes in addition to players (although only Frenzy could cause them to harm each other)

The Faustian Mortar provides great healing and even Curses foes for a brief stint, but it does not have a burst when the projectile terminates.



The Wyrm Rider uses whips to either inflict damage alone, or can also leap on top of a monster, taking half damage from them and no damage from any other monster for a short while. Fame-tier whips become chains, which typically can also grab walls.

The Fleur-de-Lis is essentially a flail, inflicting tremendous damage but can’t hold onto enemies for longer than half a second.

The Garland Whip paralyzes latched enemies and can latch for a decent time, but has very short range and damage.

The Necropolis Chain has similar weaknesses, but curses those it has latched onto.

The Viper Chain can’t latch for very long, but inflicts erratic onto the target, reducing the power of their bullets by 20 and preventing them from being able to pierce players.

The Shackling Chain has the longest latching duration out of any whip and also inflicts quiet onto the target, but has next to nothing for damage or range.

The Surveying Chain does not inflict damage at all and has a mediocre duration, but makes up for it with sheer range, at 10 tiles.



This took a while to complete, not only because the Banneret’s banners have a unique ‘placed’ sprite, but I also was unable to nail down exactly what he should even do. Before the banners would provide Berserk once to nearby people for around 15 seconds or so, but that was encroaching on the Warrior’s niche. They still allow the Banneret to teleport to their placed banner at any time, however.

As such, the Banneret now provides persistent AoE damage reduction to anyone in its 5 tile radius, although they don’t stack, so coordinating placements is important.

The Reconnaissance Banner will provide an enormous 5 second invisibility to the Banneret when he teleports back to the banner, but it comes with 5 seconds of self-stun, and is the only banner with a teleport cooldown (at 6 seconds).

The Banner of Piracy will slow foes within range for 4.5 seconds when the Banneret teleports, although its damage reduction doesn’t last too long once out of range.

The Totem of Ancestors cannot be teleported back to at all, but it provides a fairly beefy health boost equal to twice your vitality.

The Lionheart Banner grants a boost to dexterity, attack, and defense. It does not outright reduce the damage taken, so it’s still susceptible to the 80% limit on damage reduction.

The Sashimono of the Sky is the only Banner that can be thrown in an arc, as opposed to planted beneath one’s feet, making it an indirect way to teleport like a Trickster or Planeswalker Rogue.

And finally, the Banner of Promptitude grants speedy to anyone within one tile of it for 4 seconds, if they stay that close for 3 seconds. It’s damage blocking is also fairly weak at 4, but grants it for 10 seconds, longer than any other banner.

So, those are all of the classes’ Untiered items, I think. Probably all of them. Yup.


I can’t believe this has been on the forum for 26 days and I had not noticed it. So much great content that I’ve never seen.



A few days ago, I had changed the title from “13 new classes” to 14 to make way for the Mimic, a new Katana-wielding class and the final one to make each weapon category have 4 classes devoted to it. To keep up with my need for absolute symmetry, she wears no armor at all, as 28 classes with 3 armor sets will have a single remainder.

To make up for this, holding the hotkey for her ability item, the mirror, will take all damage inflicted to her (excepting hazardous terrain) and deal it as magic damage to herself. Higher tiered mirrors will reduce this damage by some percentage. Letting go of the hotkey will allow her to transform into a player nearest to her cursor within 3 tiles. That player’s weapon, armor, and ability are all copied, but not their accessory, nor their actual stats. As such, the Mimic is often stronger or faster than the copied player, but has to tolerate a mediocre health pool.

She as well has her own set of UTs:

The Mirror of the Burning Sun will lay a bomb under the copied player, similar to the Ghostly Prism, but more powerful and much more brief.

The Mirror of the Chilling Moon will slow all foes near the copied player for 5 seconds. These mirrors are similar, in that neither of them will copy for very long or reduce magic damage by very much.

The Shattered Mirror will leave a stationary duplicate of the copied player for 4.5 seconds, and also comes with a nifty attack boost (not that you’d keep it when mimicking a player).

Yata no Kagami will provide a hearty Evasive boost for both the copied player and the Mimic, and its held-hotkey damage reduction is impressively high at 30%, but it is very expensive in usage and in mana/second.

The Mirror of Divine Intervention is even costlier to use (same mana/second though), but it stuns anything near the copied player for 2 seconds. Save a life!

And finally, the Seance Mirror is another expensive mirror (mana/second this time), but it gives the Mimic Protection while holding the hotkey, making them essentially immune to status ailments. It even grants Protection to the copied player, but it’s the worst untiered mirror for actually taking damage.

Ok, now I’m done with the untiered ability items, for realsies. Although they might also need some item sets as well, but that’s another bump for another time.


I love the art and 1-2 of the classes, but most of these feel like they where thrown together witha quick, lemme see this this and that and group role.
A formula in a way.

Another thing is, you didnt mention any reason Why you created any particualar character. Each one should have a reason why, even before being made.
Before I create any Ideas, I think, why am I creating this idea. then I go onto how it will be done.
For example
Why? To create a fresh character,
How? Character that reflects projectiles by running into them
Why? It goes against conventianal gameplay to run into them to get damage done, while also worring about taking damage, it compliments those who take the risks in the game.

You may say that those who are at the top already take risks, and this is true, but their chracter must take risks normally but you can avoid it, with this character you are almost forced to take risks because of a low attack, taking risks is developed into the character, and into the playstyle as well.

Another thing is that you need to think about other playstyles, no character has on definitive playstyle, I myself struggle with thinking of playstyles that other people could use, rather then just creating them using UT’s as you did. [I do this alot honestly].
Doing this provides more insight into how the character should be designed.

Thats just some stuff.
I really reallly love your sprite work though, its really nice. Like I LOVEeeeee it. Its so pretty and fits so welllll. lol

EDIT: Im not saying they arent unique either, they are by no means bad ideas, they just arent as well thought out as I feel they should be. Honestly most of this stuff is super creative [Or Based on TF2/Overwatch].