Dead character info not showing up



A few hours ago today my priest died in a Woodland Labyrinth (along with about 7 other players at the same time) due to a lag spike. On the death screen, my character’s fame info (showing bonuses, total fame etc.) did not load in for several minutes, at which point I restarted the client. But after I logged back in and tried to click on my priest’s info in the Graveyard tab, it refused to load my death screen entirely. Realmeye also did not update to include my most recent death.

I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem and if I can do anything to fix it. Thanks in advance.


I did hear one other person complain about this, if it’s any consolation. What were you using to play the game?




Did you at least get the fame?


it did the same thing for me. im playing on exalt and i got the fame but i cant find the death in my graveyard.


I did get the fame, bonuses included.

I suicided twice since then and both my dead characters were able to load in their death screens. Priest is still buffering.


I am having the same issue with 2 maxed LH deaths. Oddly enough my rogue death that was between the two has showed up no problem. My rogue death also loads in game.

Maybe its an issue with deaths outside of realms?


Can confirm it’s not deaths outside of realms doing this because I had some deaths while doing dungeons inside realm that doesn’t load.
What could be causing this?


Saw a post earlier about the same thing. Ancient Ruins seem to be the culprit. Characters that have died and completed ancient ruins have death screens that won’t load. Characters that have not done an ancient ruins load just fine.


I will see if anything happens if/when I die on 2 or my characters then, I’d there isn’t a hot fix for it by then. I have one character that’s done the dungeon, and the rest haven’t.


Yeah this happened with my Knight yesterday too


This was reported a few days ago here:


This has happened to a majority of my deaths ever since Ancient Ruins was added. Sucks cuz now you can’t see my baller characters in my graveyard.


Not much to say except same, and definitely Ancient Ruins


Same thing happend to me. Got fame and all bonuses but cant see it in realmeye graveyard and my game freezes( or softlock? i can see ppl moving in nexus but nothing can do, infinite loading screen) every time i click on char in game graveyard. Died in Oryx 3 btw