Dead character is missing from my graveyard


I’ve recently died on my Necro but for some reason this death doesn’t show up in my graveyard. Any help please?


Did you go to your character select screen after it died?


Yes I have.


I was browsing other people’s topics that had the same issue and the only thing I can find is a button that you can click in your graveyard that says “Click here if you think one of your deceased heroes is missing!”. Hopefully that helps. When I get on my pc I might be able to help more


Nvm the issue has been resolved. Thanks for your help anyway!


Oh nice! If you want this thread closed since the problem is sloved you can @ the moderators to close it


Do you want it closed?
Do @.moderators as it seems the issue has been solved.


@moderators Please close this thread.


Question answered & close requested. Closing.