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I would suggest putting a type of way to get you’re old characters that have died back. I believe the ways that this game is ran is alright, but if you add in a “Dead Characters Resurrection” a lot of your old fan base would come back n ACTUALLY enjoy the game again. I for one am now quitting the game due to the unnecessary deaths n stupid logic this game has, If & when you add this feature into the game then i will rejoin this game, but at this very moment i think this game is shit n has been shit since Kabam had it. I am sorry for the bad language but i have been playing for a little bit over 6 years & i can never fully enjoy this game due to the stupid ways to die.
~thank you, Doopreist


If you don’t like permadeath, then you’ll probably be happier with one of the thousands if non permadeath games out there.


Gonna go with a generic answer. The only thing that makes RotMG different from other games is the Perma-death. Without Perma-death, RotMG is a terrible 8 by 8 bit game that is far surpassed by the majority of other games.

The only reason that the majority of people still constantly play is the grind. With constant death, one copy of things is not enough. That’s the only reason people play after hitting an 8/8. By removing that, you may come back, but you’ll find a lot of other people leaving in exchange.

Also… As I find myself saying way too often, you really have to consider whether or not you enjoy the game. You note that you never really enjoyed it over the 6 years you played. Perhaps you should have quit earlier. There are many other great games along with multiple other things to spend your time on!


Now more than ever this game doesn’t have many unfair deaths.

I wouldn’t be able to say the same years ago.

and here’s something that could help you out


I’m sorry about your death, but RotMG has always been a perma-death game, and as far as I know, this feature will be kept for the rest of the game’s lifetime unless another company gets hold of it and changes it.

There are many games in the world that have a similar approach to RotMG without the permanent death aspect. If you prefer this, do play those.

Unfortunately, DECA does not monitor nor check the Forums. If you have an actual suggestion for the game, emailing them is the best contact method. Please consider this.

Some things I find strange – you played RotMG for ~6 years, while RotMG was transferred to Kabam in June 2012, over seven years ago. You’ve never even experienced the WildShadow Era. How do know what it felt like then? You’re talking like you’ve played the game ever since 2010.

Assuming you made a mistake there (I would not know as your RealmEye page is private), I also look at another thing skeptically. At most, you had little more than a few months to enjoy the WildShadow Era. For all these years, you speak of this now – over seven years later?

How bad, exactly, was that death of yours? I am intrigued to know.

To be honest, I’m not sure if you will ever read these comments. You may have quit the Forums as well, and all of this will be ignored.

Nevertheless, my final statements still stand: This discussion is pointless, as there is no way that DECA will add such a feature.

Here are some helpful links:

Support Ticket (DECA Games)

Games Similar to RotMG without perma-death (Reddit)

Dealing With Death 1 (YouTube - Bickuribox12)

Dealing With Death 2 (YouTube - The Mother Ship)

Hopefully, you get over this, one way or another. Whether you quit the game or not, all I (and we) want is that you are content.

– Gamma :v:


I for one would immediately quit, this is a trial and error permadeath game, when you are dead you are dead, that’s it, you lose your character. I would say add a way with fame or realm gold to retrieve one (and only ONE) item per dead character, so if you die wearing a jugg and a breastplate you can retrieve the jugg OR the breastplate and any item not retrieved from that character is then lost forever, I’d be fine with that, although would still prefer they don’t. But reviving a WHOLE CHARACTER ruins one of the games main mechanics that wasn’t destroyed by some dumb thing Kabam did or by Deca’s constant chest events


Things will never return to the days of Wild Shadow. Amulets of resurrection, however core to the old game, have no place in our current meta, due to pet abilities. Fame, the currency that once allowed you to resurrect, is now meaningless in the current game state, since it is so abundant.

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