Deaths dont appear on my realmeye period.


Graveyard is empty event after months after death
The overall life time achievements are also not recorded

window 10
flash and exalt



Have you clicked this button?

Outside of that, I’ve no idea why realmeye is avoiding checking your graveyard for so long.


1316 graves :flushed:


I’m the best rotmg player out there :sunglasses:


yeah, it gave me a pain when verifying for discords lo. i tried everything


wow thats actually more than me

oh wait you’ve been playing for like 3 years longer than I have


I have the same issue and your graveyard looks exacly like mine. For what i’ve seen, it’s because we weren’t around during the data migration, but our accounts are older than that specific event. I still haven’t found a fix for it. It’s odd tho, since the other functions work properly (characters, skins etc) but not graveyard for some reason.


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