Deaths not showing up on realmeye


Dead character not showing up in my graveyard, however later characters are.


I have seen many other users run into this problem, here are some other topics


Are they backup characters? If you had the same class with more fame they might never show up or will take awhile.


It seems like Realmeye is broken.
I saw this dude dying with his knight in a CDepths (killed by his bad karma) yesterday, he didn’t log in since them, but realmeye hasn’t published anything.


I’m pretty sure you need to login, realmeye bots pickup a change in dead fame and start searching from there.


I’m not sure if it works like that, but I’ll check if his graveyard gets updated.


Uni is right, that’s how it works.


My dead pally still hasn’t showed up and I logged in right after. Haven’t played in a while though.


HCBone’s grave is up-to-date


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