Deca Debrief - Ep. 3 MadPeach


Hey everybody! Episode 3 of Deca Debrief is out!

This week we have the one and only MadPeach as our guest–yes, the legend behind all your favorite servers! Here, we discuss how the Peach servers came to be and a glimpse into what MadPeach has been up to.

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Thanks for listening, and look forward to our next episode!


Why does it say you’re a blue star?


I’m pretty sure most of Deca is


She’s orange star though lol


“I’m pretty sure they made it in like a day” :c


Damn, holy crap

You had the balls to continue?

hats off man…


i vote oryx for president


This isnt with deca


Oh lol I’m stupid
I know that already
I’m just stupid




They are the person behind EUWest2? …seems doubtful…


Looks like they’re referencing discord channels, not game servers.




I don’t keep up with discords at all. :man_shrugging:


TBH I thought it was a pserv reference but I am getting my Mad mixed up with my Mangos there.


Viewers of the last episode know what’s up with the cooliest dungeon around B)


Yeah honestly I’m not sure why I’m a blue star on here but, oh well I suppose.


Log off the forum & log back on will update your star colour here. :+1:




D:< i will get him for that

consider yourself avenged