Deca give away very very intuative [ended] [round 2 tommorow on a new thread]


Name: Okuyashoe


What do I do?


Name: Annabeltyoass

District 2 Female


I’ll just enter u with ur name


There’s multiple glimmers?


So Baiqnn is your IGN? What was that for?


Yeah sorry. Ooooh I just realized how this is going to work. Can you add me in as Baiqnn?

Thank you so much and sorry for the confusion.




Saw this too late xD


District 2 Male


I’ll still add you!


Oh, okay lol ty

Any District



Honestly, we have room for 2 more people, so anyone who wants to join feel free to as fast as you can

All slots have been filled as of now


Our cast. Sorry if yours has no picture, you have no idea how hard it is to find a picture of something and have the image link end with a .png or .jpeg .


Here is the supposed blood bath at the Cornucopia.


Day one of our hunger games.


A arena event!


Our deaths so far. Rest in Pepperonies.


Status as of now.


Night one of our hunger games.