Deca, Give me my Knight Back... Please D:


So… I lost my knight entirely to lag. Basically, i was in a Crawling depths, and some idiot activated the boss. and keep in mind, i have extremely good wifi. (28 mbps download). This death was all you deca, not even the idiot that activated. So, for absolutely no reason, everything starts going into 1 huge rubber band for about 5 seconds and I am SPAMMING my nexus key. Also, i was on Discord, wasn’t lagging one bit, more evidence this death was your fault Deca. So the rubber band ends, and I’m questioning why It’s not letting me nexus, and out of no where, at least 100 bullets were fired at once, I am standing behind a wall, 1 hits me, and about 10 probably registered as hitting me. By the way, this knight was 7/8, (all but life), had a cutlass, csword, the new t6 reskin shield, fairy plate, and a ubhp. I have been playing for 6 years, and this is the most pissed off I’ve ever been with a death, because there is nothing I can do except complain on here. Deca… You NEED to make some way to do this that is fair and requires evidence. Look at Talwar / Bickuribox12 and Needawig’s most recent deaths. Talwar’s pally was BS, Needawig’s Wizard was BS, just as much as mine, and I am POSITIVE that there are thousands of other deaths just as, if not more unfair and your server’s fault. This needs to stop and be fixed. And the most sad thing is, I absolutely love what you have done to the game. It’s honestly amazing to have owners that actually want to make content and know what the community wants, but when it comes to your servers, I’ve never been really upset by them, until this Holidays Event came out, where the servers are all filled to the brim and your servers were clearly not prepared for this influx of people. I really do appreciate you Deca, but I think even you guys know, you have to do something about me, Talwar, Needawig, and the thousands of other people who lost their characters to lag. Thank you… - SgtJakey


In the future, you may want to get Shatter’s “ohshiet” button for lag, or alt+f4 if the nexus button doesn’t work.


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Well, yes I realize I’m whining, but if you have the time, read the whole thing. I feel like they don’t care about that channel as a whole


I just want some one important to read the whole thing and Deca needs to do some thing about this. Not just because I died. In fact I’ve been saying this for a loooooooong long time.


This might help for stuff in the future.

Unfortunately, your character probably won’t be revived :frowning:

Deca is working on anti-lag/better servers, but it’s a difficult process.


Thank you, and yeah I figured it wouldn’t. Mainly just hoping for the future.


how many people remember this xD


Deca doesn’t care lol they’ll just say “permadeath is a feature of the game”. They won’t help you out even if it was their server’s fault. Just forget about it. All you can do now is hope someone will pity you and donate or just start rebuilding.


If he can be salty can I share the leftover salt from when my acc got hacked 2 months ago?

rip my tomb leeching plague assasin


yeah I am just hoping they will do something. It was amazing having a knight because now i have no maxed melees. I really like Deca in every other way but they really need to fix this, so I figured I would say some thing… also, I hope you know I’m not one of those people who go in uswest2 and say," Guys, I just died on my 1/8 ppe knight, plox donate. i ned fre itenz." lol


hey I’ll read your whole story, go for it :slight_smile:


Ok. So ~4 months ago, there was a young assassin aspiring to leech tombs. But this assassin was not just any assassin- this assassin had a plague, a harle, and an exa mp. Because of this, he only maxed mana and wisdom, and bribed his guild leaders to let him dirty their tombs.

One day, I went back on my account to feed my assassin more mana pots, and I realized that someone had haxed my account!

They took off my armor, and since I didn’t drink any def, I died to a paper golem (midlands enemy)
Karma is a b****
Rip assassin 2017-2017


Well, that is just dumb lol. I feel like when people get their accounts hacked, that’s where you should get your stuff back. Rip plague lol. Thats almost as bad as when my friend, who was trying realm for the first time got a plague poison but didn’t pick it up because it wasn’t for his character. -_-



riiiiipppppp that one plague


yup… lol


Next time, close out of the game, or return to the home screen. If you don’t do either, shots will stack up and kill you no matter what. I’m guessing you didn’t see the ice tomb massacre.

But I do agree with you, decas servers are trash, and they SHOULD be held responsible for this shit. Unfortunately, they could give two shits about your death.


1.Deca really dont read forum post abaut reviving char
2. Deca will never revive lag death char


Yay, one less knight in this game


But in all seriousness, Deca’s not gonna listen to you.

They’re not an idiot for trying to reduce the competition; triggering the boss is one of the smartest moves in a public cdepths. Private…not so much. It’ll get you kicked from your guild (from personal experience when I was a noob)

And lag? Deal with it, Deca’s servers always filled with lag. You should know EXACTLY what kind of shit you’re getting into, seeing so many people die from lag.

…who CLAIM to lose their characters from lag. It’s probably not thousands; most people probably just blame it on lag when in reality it’s just either their computer or their shitty wifi. The only way you know if it actually IS deca’s fault is if everyone in the dungeon starts screaming “holy fucking shit deca I have 100 jitter” “stop watching furry porn deca” “deca pls” “lag” and other stuff like that.

Well you’re wrong!

There has been many characters, most of them much better than yours, that died to lag, and most of those people didn’t complain about it, so get your act together and just rebuild.

In all fairness, you didn’t lose much. There has been stupider, more unfair deaths than yours. I’ve lost 2 7/8 knights to lag, a 7/8 QOT archer, a 7/8 huntress, so your loss is pathetic mate.


sorry for your loss. but whenever you start rubberbanding in a place where you can die, just do the o-back to home thing