Deca Lag


The known issue of The random deca lag has killed many characters. I think that Deca should look into the cause of this and look at how to fix this because people are dying. Died to the avatar even though I was pretty far away from the avatar. The area around it wasnt even on my screen so I don’t know how a shot could have even hit me. Just died instantly.

Hope you guys can fix it.


Gotta be more specific, or else people are just going to tell you to get a better computer/internet connection.

What type of lag are you talking about?

What about it makes you think it was caused by Deca?


We’re not Deca. These aren’t official forums.

However, you’re welcome to send your ideas on how to fix the Deca lag directly to them.

Here’s a guide on how to get in touch: How to contact Deca Games Support