Deca Limits Account Rate?


Limiting your “account rate”? What do you mean by that? To me, this sounds like you logged in and out of accounts a lot at once or something similar and the game naturally gave you a 10 min dc


I guess its what happens when you swtich accounts too often? Idk, its what Muledump was telling me


Yep fairly certain that’s the cause. Just wait a bit and try later.


I’m just wondering why they do it, and whether its necessary


I’m pretty sure it’s not on purpose, that’s just how the game was made and for some reason they don’t change it. I’m gonna say it’s because it’s not a change that can be easily made without screwing up a bunch of other things.


Don’t mind me seems I’m very misinformed


It happens when you connect to a server (select a char to go into the nexus) 10 times in 10 minutes

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This is the cause, but it goes beyond just switching accounts. For example, if you 10+ character slots and want to ‘refresh’ their last time seen; if you cycle through all 10 fast enough (character select -> pick character -> Nexus -> back to character select) you will get this error without ever switching accounts.

For me personally, I find if you try to pull out 10-12 characters within a ten minute span, this error will occur. If those same 10 characters did this cycle but went into their vault then went back to character selection, you might be lucky to get 8 or 9 in a ten minute span. Mind you this is all on one account.

If you have multiple accounts it seems that less than 9 login changes are allowed in a ten minute span. This means you can log in, collect your daily, back to character select, log out, log back in on number two and repeat. 8 and 9 accounts during this cycle is iffy. 7 can be done.

Hope that helps, and remember, this is just based off my experience.


They put the limiting in to be an obstacle to players who do too much muling. So you can take from this that you do more muling than Deca considers acceptable.


Deca limits the rate at which you can refresh char/list. Every time you “go over” the limit (i.e. reloading mules), you will receive a 5 minute “DC” that restarts every time you load/login to a new mule. I’ve never received a 5 minute “DC” for switching chars though (maybe I don’t have enough).

As a “self acclaimed” “mule chad”, I’ve had enough of my share.


Believe this is true.


10 minute dcs are not caused by switching characters. I have cycled through more than 10 characters in a 10 minute span and been completely fine. Most of my 10 minute dcs are playing the actual game on one character for a long period of time, and then it randomly occurs.


It happens when you make 60 appspot requests in 5 minutes. Appspot requests include registering, choosing a name, deleting a character, logging in, refreshing muledump, etc (this does not include connecting to the servers when you click play). The limits are there for security reasons to stop people from flooding requests to do malicious activities.


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It’s not really a 10 min. dc. I literally couldn’t even get to the menu screen, with a constant refreshing cycle of load error and try again later


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If your internet provider has you set up for dynamic IP address you may be in luck.

A quick way to fix the “too many logins” error is to restart your Internet connection which is typically your router/modem. Wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute before you power the router/modem back up and generally your internet provider will re-assign a new IP address to your modem. Once you are reconnected to the internet you are good to go with ROTMG.

This is how I get by the error if I don’t want to wait 5 - 10 minutes (I have no patience). I have had 2 DSL internet providers in the last year and just hooked up with a Fibre internet provider. Restarting the modem for all 3 providers has worked for me.

Good luck.

**** Important Note: When you restart your modem, everyone else that is using your internet will lose connection. You can always blame your provider … :slight_smile:


Yes but, I have all 15 chars, I can’t cycle them all in a row without hitting the DECA rate limit at around 10 chars. Frigging annoying that.


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