Deca Monkey Moment


I’ve contacted DECA after getting my account compromised and they told me they’d put my account under maintenance for a few days to a week. It’s been a week.

Has anyone been in a similar situation or knows how long it actually takes?


Probably just means it’s a few more hours.


it will probably just be a little bit longer, if not id send in a support ticket. dont be a little meanie in chat next time >:)


Hate to tell you but you’ve been banned. If DECA wants to they will tell you in their response what for and for how long. Hope you didn’t cheat or else is it’s permanent ban.




Just a fancy way for saying they banned you.


they said it would be good after a week though


DECA Games is famous for their inaccuracies.


^ if this still hasnt been fixed you might want to send a report ticket if you havent already.


wtf deca never makes mistakes




Explain the cat of MotMG then.


intended game mechanic


When your account is under maintenance it means you have been suspended by deca after someone reported you
If you didnt multybox or duped items your account will be supsended for 7-14 days then will be back to normal
There is nothing you can do to shortenn the period of you account maintenance


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