Deca please read this im pissed off soo badly! Dc problem!


Yesterday i had an almost 6/8 character 3 stats where maxed but wery few pots needed for all other stats so that happenned that i was farming wis whit my friend and there was this constent dc and once i was in an udl whit my friends i was att boss and i told my friends to tp they tpd all of us got dcd and when i oppenned realm again i didnt have my char i checked the graveyard and it was there killed by septavius the ghost god my friends where like ok this is fucked up (sorry for bad words) and than i looked how to write to you (Deca) on realmeye for 3 freking hours!!! And so today i found it and i can write down how i will quit cause i died from the dc i was like ok im happy its not lag so we cant die like in older times we died from lag and i said this few dc later i die when not eathen in the game all of us got dcd and i died somehow so wtf ty for understanding!! My friends can prove this dc death and i wanted to take a vid of the death screen but i knew its too late cause you dont see the death :frowning: so now im maybe going to quit but it was a good game Deca! ;( ;(


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