Deca scammed me


I feel like this new system is even less indicative of skill and more of how long you’ve grinded for. Not that stars ever meant anything in the first place.
Also, how do I view my classes, skins, and personal highest fame scores without dying and leaving a slot open?


Why am I red star? Deca scammed me my yellow star. I am now red star and will be uninstalling the game

Still light blue star




I only play trickster so… all the other classes are at 2-4 stars… Fuck you deca.




The legend
come live


I went from white to red but I only logged in quick to get the daily calendar item; I read there have been some bugs with the update. Leave it to DECA to implement something broken that didn’t really need implementing to begin with.


I dropped from white to red, but rank 50 so only took a few hours to get from red to orange.

I like it. It’s not going to be the focus of my play, but it’s another goal to aim for from time to time. Getting white star the last two times, on release of Bard and Summoner, was straightforward taking a few days normal play each. I.e. not really interesting or rewarding.

But this will require a bit more effort keeping chars alive, while indulging in the sorts of dungeons and events I like to do with 8/8 chars. Quite a few of my classes already have 4 class quests, but only one has 5, so I am going to have to play all but one to get my white star back. I am looking forward to it.


I might get back to yellow star again but who knows, I probably won’t get to white star tho because there are certain classes I want to avoid completely lol


That is what white star always was about though. It wasn’t about skill but rather how long you played the game. The measure of “skill” would be exaltations while stars represents “experience” which can be measured in how much you’ve played each character. As for the not dying part, I have no idea.

I think the 15k fame implementation is perfectly reasonable. If you’ve gained only 2k dead fame on assasin, you could have played him for 20 minutes and then never touched him again. In those 20m, you probably failed to every truly “experience” assasin because it never mattered. Now if you have to pull his sorry ass to 15k, you probably will at least somewhat experience assasin and have a better understanding for it because you have no other choice. In that way, white star represents your experience with every character. If you’re white star, you have somewhat more rights to judge which chars are better then others because you’ve actually played them all to some extent.


Name the classes that you are avoiding.


I have said before that I don’t like this change, but that’s mostly because I am basically forced to play other classes that I hate. Like bard.

But other than that, I actually like it. Some people don’t really deserve to be an orange or yellow star, and yet they reach that level. Orange and yellow stars are supposed to be decent players, but thanks to the fame bonus rework, we have idiot beggars reaching that rank.

I think over a month or two, when people have grinded back to their appropriate rank, is when we see who really is at what rank.


Then don’t play those respective classes.


Then I can’t get a white star. The whole point of me playing classes I don’t like, is for the white star.


You are making it hard for yourself…


I’m no stranger to grinding.


As long as you never log out and back in to the forums, you will always be a white star to us :wink:

My star matches my picture now, so that is at least a small win.


Me without a white star is the same as a soulless being.

I’ve always wanted to be a white star, and I finally did it. Then deca took it away from me. Sad life.


Admittedly I had a head start (and the luck of not having any stars unaccounted for because of the bugs), but I’m pretty happy I still at least have yellow star. Fits with my realmeye skin theme too :wink: .