Deca's Laggy Servers


Deca honestly needs to up their servers.

  • Oryx, guess what? Get Dc’ed pretty much everytime, I’ve only done 3 oryx’s without a disconnecting.

  • Cdepths gets over called to where you’ll get dc’ed, in one instance almost everyone dc’ed right before I dc’ed. Also haven’t done any good popped cdepths.

  • 75% of the time it’s extremely laggy, that might be me though.

But honestly I would say a few people may decide to take a break until the servers get fixed.

Server Issues?

I don’t know why this was in the #whine-cellar, but it seems like a reasonable complaint and could probably be merged with a similar topic.
However, this is more of a known issue that has arose recently and deserves an open discussion.

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Tbh I have noticed that the servers getting more laggy since the departure from Kabam, which is odd as Kabam barely did anything with the game, while Deca is updating it regularly. The steam client also crashes a lot more now, and that didn’t happen to me while Kabam was in charge :confused:


Deca does a lot of good shit but they POOR commpared to kabam. Kabam can maintain servers well because they big company and has money and thus can regulate server well but bad ider and bad ider liek pests an dung shatr bad poorly executed. Deca flip side is becizuse they got geniu ideass butt got nomoney compare to Kabam and so they maintain server a loft worse and so serverth gottenm worse recently and combine that with the amount of new content ans strantin on server and you get BAD PERFORMANCE.



According to DECA, they operate the same servers as Kabam. However, due to them actually adding new scripts for security and other stuff, the same servers have more work to do, thus causing server lag for everyone.

More work at the same horsepower=no bueno


I don’t know if it’s because there’s an event weekend going on or not, but I’m using the flash client, and I get dc’d out of the server about every 10 minutes or so. I’ve even had about 12 dc’s in about an hour. This is honestly unacceptable that the servers are this unstable.


Entirely depends what server you’re in. If you’re in trading server or popping server, this is entirely on you. If you’re not, I don’t know what the issue is because I’m not experiencing it.


I’ve got this problem too, but I don’t think it’s realm related; discord also disconnects with realm. The problem also happens when sitting alone in non-crowded servers. I’ve tried researching how to fix it, but haven’t been able to. It seems like its related to online games and your wifi adapter. Just look up “wifi disconnect only while playing games” and you will see many people with the same problem as us. I’ve tried changing wifi adapters, checking my power settings, but I still get it. Oddly though (and I’m sure it was a coincidence) after fiddling with my wifi adapter the problem was gone for a few days, only to return now without any input from me. I have no idea what to try now, and I would also appreciate some help.

Edit: oops i didn’t mean to reply to you Leohe


@Nevov just saying, I think the post by boomeranga is an entirely different issue. His issue is about frequent very short wifi disconnections that I think are caused by his wifi adapter while this post is just about lag that you would get from bad servers or a weak computer+internet.


These disconnects will also happen no matter what adapter i’m on. I went and used my friends adapter for a while and the problem persists.


I don’t understand what you guys are on about, my Alienware works perfectly with deca servers (plz no hurtz me, this was for comedic purposes only)


honestly I dont feel any lag other then the occasional black-tile at oryx but that’s if theres 100+ people
and I play on usw even though my best server is suppose to be ussw
but you’re not wrong there has been a significant change in quality of the servers from the old rotmg


It also happens for me on whichever wireless adapter driver I use. However, using this computer on a friends wifi the problems persists while using another computer on my wifi the problem disappears. I’ve heard that you should make sure that in wireless adapter setting --> properties --> configure --> power management you should make sure “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” should be unticked.

Also, try updating your driver to the one you manually installed from your manufacturer’s website (not always what your computer recommends).

Neither of these have worked for me, but I’ve heard they worked for some people.

I have no idea what to try next.

@Nevov this problem is not about deca’s servers or about lag in general. It is a specific problem that affects people across many games. I feel like we could get more help if this were moved out (if you even can; idk how the forum works) of people whining about decas servers that we can’t change, not that that isn’t an issue.

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What platform do you use? You should use adobe, erases all lag.


USS usually suffers a lot during weekend events, especially during Cdepths events, at certain moments during the boss activation (generally it’s destroy the yellow egg to take down the invulnerability and have the boss paralyzed and stunned), the game has extremely slow “rendering” (black tiles" and the spiderweb lines don’t meet (also a sign of extreme lag), if the boss doesn’t get killed fast enough, generally it’s a 100% DC chance.


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