December Giveaway [Ended, prizes given]


Hi, I am giving away lots of tops this month. There are about 32 items as of now. This is mostly for newer/poorer players but anyone can enter.

To enter, just reply to this thread with your favorite color and in game sprite.

I will choose winners in the next couple weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Maybe shoutout to @GGaodzilla for donating a bunch of the items


Yes give me a shoutout and free itens
Me like black cuz edgy and doom circle cuz edgy


Fav color is green and love A.S.S


My favorite color is white. Two out of some of my favorite sprites (obviously, I can’t choose an absolute favorite) are the Cloaked Ascendant Rogue and the Ghost Huntress.


Favorite color is green and sprite is t6 reskin for christmas.


the color red and my favorite sprite is the demon edge katana


Fave color is Blue and sprite : Shield of flowing clarity


My fav color is indigo because its pretty and my favorite sprite is the Snowbound Orb


Fav colour orange and Cdirk


My fav color is rainbow (i m not gay XDD) And fav sprite is kendo stick


My favorite colour is Blue.
I don’t have a most favorite sprite but here I go for fun:
Favorite Armor Sprite: Armor of Nil
Favorite Ability Sprite: Helm of the Juggernaut
Favorite Weapon Sprite: Wand of the Fallen
Favorite Ring Sprite: The Twilight Gemstone
Favorite Skin Class: Father Time (Priest Skin)
Favorite Enemy Sprite: Jade And Garnet Statues or Nikao The Difiler




Favourite colour is purple and my favourite sprite is the White Demon.


My favorite color is blue, and I really like all the dragons from LOD. If I had to pick one though it would be between Pyyr and Nikao… probably Pyyr

EDIT: on second thought, I just remembered Skull of Krampus is badass. That’s my final pick!!





I like blue, dark blue, but not navy.

My favorite sprite has to be kageboshi.


Orange, Symbiotic Ripper


My favorite color is blue and my favorite sprite is probably the water dragon silk robe.


Sand Phantom Wisp


Sword of Illumination is my fav sprite.
Shoutout to @GGaodzilla cause he needs it