December Giveaway [Ended, prizes given]


Green, dbow


Black,white bag


Favorite color is green, but I can’t get over the sexy white bag sprite


Green, Mercy’s Bane.


favorite color: red
favorite sprite : arachna


Favorite colour : blue
Favorite sprite : image (although I don’t have one)


Black. Wicked skin is a wonderous work of art, ecspecially for 8*8. Remember when it first came out. It was the only skin I really wanted


Disgusting, disqualified



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My Favourite color Blue and my favourite sprite is the lil red skin! Just looks neat!


I’m still unsure if the white dots are supposed to be eyes or not.

I’m also unsure why this is still in the game…


the white dots in fact are eyes, I don’t understand how much people don’t understand the sprite.

Why mess with the low-tier dungeons when they can just make more new content that end-game users can play.


i like blue and my favorite sprite is the white bag


red, i like the gigacorn sprite


Blue, and cdirk is favorite sprite :slight_smile:


royal blue.
ig sprite: horned drake.

if i win, give them to @unicorn since he’s a poor hobo


wtf im not pore D:<

unicorn sprite

if i win, give them to @scorchmist since he’s a cheap hobo. remind you of anything? xD


i meant some certain shattered soul was called cheap in another giveaway a long time ago in a galaxy far far away


thanks, im proud of it

uhh hobohones.



the black splotches on the right are the eyes and mouth. Arachna is screeching. The white dots are merely butt blemishes.


Woah man chill, but man lmao :laughing: