December Giveaway [Ended, prizes given]


Lmao :laughing:


2 days left to enter, winners will be chosen on the 23rd and prizes will be handed out shortly after, if you have not entered, do so quick before it is over.


Hi, I started ROTMG last month or so, would you be kind enough to give me some items, or best of all, any tips?
Fav. color - Dark Blue, favorite sprite - (I have no clue what I am saying, I’m pretty sure that it’s an item, and not the actual boss thing, so . . . ) The Cloak of the Plane Walker


Favorite color is turquoise or aqua (call it what you want), and my favorite sprite is the sprite for the Scout Colony because it’s really detailed and I love the color choices.



That’s actually what I thought…

My life is a lie.


my favorite color is purple.
my favorite sprite is the flesh collector skin and all the other ST skins


Giveaway has ended, Winners:
@Legendsszz - sent
Prizes: each person will be able to pick 8 items from my selection, first come first serve, the last one to claim their prize will have what’s left. to claim message me on RE or @ XHippobroX#3357 on Discord. I may not be able to come on much in the coming days given the holiday season, but I will try to get on as requested to give things out.

Claim your prize before January 31st 2019 or your prize will either be put back into my vault for future use or given to needy players in the realm. please try to act as soon as possible. Congrats to the winners, and Merry Christmas :smiley:


I sent a request to you on Discord, I’m SanctusInfernum#2842

edit: and thanks, merry christmas! I forgot this bc too excited :slight_smile:


Thanks and Merry Christmas! :grinning:
I sent you a request in discord! My discord is BBruno#7109


I sent a request to you, thank you so much for picking me! I am Pxnda (on discord)


Prizes have been given out feel free to lock anytime mods


@moderators OP wants thread locked


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