DeeBomb's PPE Thread


Here we go everybody! :smiley:
Inspired by @JimdaFish whose ppes I have always looked up too :blush:


yooooooo it seems like all of the cool people have ppe threads now


i was making this thread and afk and i died legit didnt move a tile once i was in the realm. im super mad rn cus i was looking forward to contest. and i wasted 600 fame on dyes.



there is one less person to compete against now haha


Woah that was like the most short and intense ppe I’ve ever seen😂


Rogue UPE is fun. You can get a bunch of easy stuff before you start grinding out more rare things.

Dagger: Poison fang dagger
Cloak: Plane (Forge with 4 early game UTs)
Hide: Snakehide Armor
Ring: Expo (Forge with 4 early game UTs)


aight ill try a unpe then for rogue


After your get those 4 items and max a few stats (8 is a good start), you can farm realms to try to get a few slightly more rare items.

Dagger: Dirk of Cronus
Cloak: T7 Cloak
Hide: Turncoat Cape
Ring: Collector’s Monocle


I’ll be watching lol :eyes:


@Deebomb wanna duo ppe? That would be fun


Sure. If we are ever on at the same time lol


first ut on the ppe


Lookin good!! U got my attention :eyes:


GL! I will be disappointed if you don’t have cdirk or bcloak by 500 bf.


And ofc 2 03 whites


Omg omg omg omg fricking finally! you all have no idea how long ive been farming for this!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:YESSSSS


For a sec I thought u were talking bout the ring lmao!!! Congrats on the robe that’s like the last thing I need for the set😂


lol gamma did too. and yeah last thing i needed for set too, but im putting it on my wizard lol


Used two corsair rings snakeskin armor and bramble bow


That was a great trade lmao, non whites for a underrated white