DeeBomb's PPE Thread



Lmao snake pit can be very scary, I can tell by your health bar😂but I can see it was worth it, the pet skin is rlly cool


Im not used to playing with no pet :laughing:


Yeah I could never😂


underrated? since when was planeswalker underrated? literally every half decent rogue in realm has one


Ehh I’ve seen many ppl talk bad bout it and throw out the white sooo, but I think rly highly of it and I’m sure others do too


It’s a good swapout. It seems odd that some people are bashing it… it might have to do with the seeming frequency of its dropping.

Believe it or not, I’ve almost always made a point of practicing to dodge even the most insignificant of bullets in those weak dungeons to keep me on my toes for when it matters later. The less face-tanking, the better, because it’s harder to do that later in the game.


Well that’s not exactly what I meant, I actually often take characters out petless for a spin, (well, not exactly often, but I do it every now and then) I should have said I’m not used to playing on unmaxed characters, so I get to phases in snake pits I’ve never even seen before (cus my dps sucks when unmaxed with t8 dagger) and everything does so much damage on me.



I just realized that you don’t have to get last hit on oryx for it to count as oryx kill now lol


And thus the days of solo Realm clearing for that bonus are over. They were (usually) fun while they lasted.


I’ve never had the patience to solo oryx before, once soloed guardians but that took a while so I was kinda put off and decided it would be a waste of time to solo oryx.


Oh, I did the entire realm’s bosses solo before soloing Oryx himself.


Woah you have a ton of patience🤣


I’ve always wanted to do that but never had enough time


It takes patience. You really have to think through some of those event bosses. It is possible to solo the Ava, for instance, on all of the classes I used, but it takes finesse on the eye phase.
You definitely want something like a Cring for ease of travel in empty realms.

The biggest pain in the buttocks was when I would get close to completing a realm maybe 2-3 targets, only to have 12-30+ players show up out of nowhere. I would often hold on to minimum 2-3 life’s worth on hand to bribe people to either leave or let me get the Oryx kill. It wasn’t always the case, but it could be rough.

I don’t really have time to do those challenges anymore; alas!


Or now a snake eye ring


I tried to solo O2 but that didn’t went well.


True; I almost forgot those existed. Those are even better. Part of that reasoning is because I was maining my Ninja, which rendered that ring all but useless. Were you all around for the “double speedy” visual glitch? I wonder if equipping that ring would have provided a “third” speedy effect.

The closest I’ve gotten was fighting in a trio with a couple of delightful strangers. I got a defense and vit while they each got tops. An acclaim and acrop, I believe? It was fun, anyway.

This was modern O2, not og O2, by the way. It was more fun, if I do say so myself!


What phases did you get? Cus that coulda been pretty sketch