DeeBomb's PPE Thread


Oh yeah you can see your message in chat! Yeah sprites are super easy when you cloak tho


Shadow Boi decided that he wanted to break some crystals, as he has never really liked them. Especially the ones that impersonate others, oh man he HATED those ones. In the process his attack and magic powers were maxed.
(images look weird because they were too big for full upload)

Only a couple wisdom away from 7/8, probably going to run nests and cults for life. Really want to get a ton of base fame and death fame on this guy, currently around 8k death fame. But, I have a question for all of you. Would you prefer me to post relatively frequent updates like these or wait and have bigger updates. I feel that these ones aren’t too exciting, and am not sure if you guys are enjoying these.


I don’t personally care; do what suits you, because a lot of the existent ppe threads in existence all have their own flavors!


Ok! I’ll make sure that I have at least something to show for it, but I’ll definitely keep this thread active😃


my hand just was not at wasd and i got sat on… I swear i clicked r but oh well. There goes my greatest npe/ppe ever. ahhhhh why do i suck soooooo muchhhhhhh


No! My Spectral Ring…
I’m sorry, DeeBomb, that character looked like it was going places!


I thought so too lol. ima make a bard to get to 2k death fame and suicide with that, and then maybe I’ll make a priest ppe. So, probably won’t be any new ppes for a week or so🤷‍♂️


welll… priest ppe time!




Eeeeee… Sorry this one didn’t turn out so well…


keep fighting!!


Yeah :joy:


What was on that blueprint? I hope nothing important haha


It was a fire waki, bottled medusozoan, and Nile. I already had it unlocked though, so that’s why I just help it in my inventory. It’s ironic how I did a good amount of o2s on my rogue ppe to get foul and then I get it on the first one for my priest ppe.


So, I made a paladin ppe.

My lil Swoll boyo decided to take a swim, and was disappointed to find he got a bow. He was hoping to get a legendary trident, but RNG is a fickle thing, eh?


Lil swoll boyo decided to get drunk, and was rewarded with a nice leather armor.

Dang how rare is that?
Also just got dblade bp from ot, but…

  • Allow forge use
  • No forge use

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Then, he snatched a scepter from an angry scientist.

Teleported to an avatar and it was messy. Not too mad about this one as i really only made this to get 2k death fame. And now i can make my pet a scallawag slurp ^.^


Aweeeeee qwqq


New PPE soon! Not sure what class because I don’t really want to do katana, lol. Kinda want to try and do rogue again.