DeeBomb's PPE Thread


Do a summoner ppe :wink:


Will when it comes out! :wink: will need to get that white star back :O


Yeah, true. Maybe I’ll go back to being a happy yellow star in the forums for a time, too! It matches my color scheme better anyway. I think I’ll always be a yellow star at heart, anyway. White star feels both out of character for me and overrated nowadays.


When I was making my last push to white star, it wasn’t necessarily to be a white star but rather to know that I really experienced every class. White star was just an added bonus :3


Yes, and I wanted that too, as in all games! It’s more the stigma that comes with it, too. I don’t feel qualified to be a white star in terms of experience… more of a next level below. That, and though I don’t care about starism, yellow does seem to be one of the more ignored colors out there.


Goal for this ppe:
image image image image
And of course 8/8. Wanted to keep it to dungeons that I can consistently complete, so no oryx 3 stuff, though I may try a few mini bosses on this ppe if all goes well. Do I think it will get this far? Not really, will be shocked if it does tbh. Mainly just want to get an 8/8 ppe. Will post updates when I get them. And I will not be using the forge, way too easy to just cheese a planewalker like I did last time.


So uh, not to make excuses for death and stuff but I lagged in 3Dimension and died. I’ve been getting a lot of lag lately which has now resulted in the death of 2 of my characters, (though this ppe was 0/8 so idc) sorry that there’s almost no good content. I hate the feeling of knowing you died and it’s not your fault… I just kinda feel like I’m not progressing in this game because everything seems to be holding me back… hardly played at all lately. If you read this then sorry that almost all this was probably meaningless to you.

TL;DR: died of lag in 3rd dimension


Sounds like you need a break?


I suppose… at least from ppes, because they haven’t been going anywhere.

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Whenever I get a new slot I will do a summoner ppe/npe! I personally would rather do a ppe so that I can take advantage of pet Mheal and spam the daylights out of that ability, but whatever you guys want!
that is, if anyone even still cares about this thread…


Although NPE is more interesting, I think that you could do a PPE for your first run through.


first loot on ppe. This may offend some of you but I am not going to use this ring, as I will probablynever get it again and I have a samurai that I now have 3/4 of set for. But anyways, PPE start!


Hmm wow wasn’t expecting to get anything like this while leveling up haha. I know they aren’t great but it took me a while to get a t9 weapon on my rogue ppe a while back.


Where is my mace! Augh…

Hm that’s funny.


Do you have a Discord for these too?


Wdym by that? I post some of my loot and death screenshots on my guild discord, but if you mean a ppe discord for myself then no.


Oh no it’s just that Gamma replied through Discord, or probably a DM


Ahhhh ohhh that was for a NPE contest, and he was running it so I had to DM him all my drops so he knew it was legit. Didn’t realize the post you were replying to :man_facepalming:


First WC gets me a t6 mace!


Bruh I forgot to upload screenshots :man_facepalming:t3:
I got a t12 robe, vitamine buster and chicken leg.