Default Pet Option


I’m not sure if I’m the only player with this problem, but I always forget to get my pet after making a new character.

So when you make your pet follow you like this:

Instead of this:

You get this:

(I couldn’t find a similar font, please don’t flame me)

So basically a “Set to Default” button.




+1, go post it on rotmg discord


Sent it. Hopefully it gets reviewed soon! And thank you for the suggestion! :heart:

EDIT: Apparently it was already planned for the Unity Update. :sweat:

I guess this wasn’t necessary, then…whelp. xD
Still nice to know that this feature will be released soon, though! And since a decent amount of you seem to agree with this idea, I’m sure you guys will be pleased as well! :smiley:

if this thread should be closed, you guys can go ahead with that lol


If you want it closed, you can just @ the moderators; unless it’s an inappropriate post, it is your call as OP as to whether or not it should remain open.


Ah, okay. I was just unsure. In that case, @moderators – close plox ty


I’ll ninja the mods and close, at OP request.