Demon blade


This place seems empty so i thought i’d add a Dblade that i drew a while ago.
its not Verticae tier but still i hope you like it :3


Dude, that looks amazing, I love it, great job.


Remember seeing this on the reddit a while back, looking as bad ass as ever :smiley:

Edit: damn there’s abbreviations too???

spd dex def vit wis cdirk jugg ogmur gsorc acc ot

@moderators sorry if this is too small to mention but Acc = acclaim does it not?


Oh yeah this forum is great, and thanks


We can’t get group names (ie moderators) to stop showing up in the tooltip. Looks like a bug.


lol ive always thought of dblade as a small sword that could split into two swords and then put back later


man, you love reviving dead threads, but ok

i like how lah tiger says “Veticae tier”


i just want to talk about stuff XD


haha there is no problem with it, lots of these topics ive never seen before myself (weird).


Wow, nice drawing. It has lots of detail.


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