Demonseye tries things



In this thread, i’ll share what i do (or try to do) ranging from rotmg to other games, art etc.

My current goal is to fully exalt knight, since i am skilled enough* to complete o3s without problem (more than 90 completes!)


alright. here i go!


Finally tried an o3 on my main knight (full o3 set and ogmur)

Didn’t use a single ichor! Having 970 hp and 85 def is pretty juicy.


I wish you the goodest luck~!




it’s so cuuute!




Are you still exalting knight or do you have something else in mind rn?


Nah i stopped exalting since my knight died. As of now I’m farming lotlls for ogmurs and i’m doing realm clearing.

Unrelated note: i dreamt i was a chicken and i was laying eggs this night.


That sounds kinda kinky.

how did it feel :smirk:


i died


RIP that CDirk and Fool Prism. :confused:


And coin, monocle, turncoat, and brain. Heck, even deca, too.


heck even t1 dirk of <>