Derpy Arachna


Funny and derpy Arachna yesterday. Game was laggy, later in the day, but i didn’t experience any other bug I can remember.


I’m quite sure that this is an Easter egg, not a bug! That is the old Arachna sprite.


Didn’t drop anything nice tho :frowning:


Mfw I realize that there are players out there who literally have no idea about the old sprites and dungeon designs now…

That’s a punch to the gut :confused:


I’m sorry: I’m really new to the game, having started my journey late december / january.

I’m sorry also to say this: old Arachna looks bad xD


Don’t you dare insult him!




Yep, I’ll admit it looks derpy, but that’s why I love it! :smile:


There were quite a few sprites that looked really bad early on in the game, because some of them were made by the original creators of the game.

(Also, just by the way, the black spots on Arachna aren’t the eyes, it’s the white spots :wink:):




Credit to @bohnsen for this piece


my god


Thank you so much for joining the game and the forums! It is seriously so awesome to see new faces around here. How did you find out about RotMG?


Oh man, TwoYetis! That channel’s guides were invaluable when I was new to the game, back when they were still making videos. Quality stuff for the time, super easy to understand while still giving the information someone needed to feel prepared going into a dungeon.


I’m sorry xD
I knew I’d have been flamed for that ahah

Yeah, I imagined that: that’s comprehensible.
Imagining the black spots as the face is way more hilarious

I started ~a month ago to play with a friend who knew the game since he played it years ago. It’s quite catchy.