Diamondest's overly lame ppe


ty :wink:
im doing a ppe trickster RN but not posting pictures of it here, instead im recording it, but its such a beast so be sure to watch it when it comes out (IF it comes out :wink: )

and its the best ppe i’ve ever had


Nice crown get.




This is conflicting with somethign u just posted :thinking:


well see some drops are so good i cannot resist…
also should i show all pots, maxes or none?


Maxes at the minimum.


ok but do u prefer maxes or ALL pots?
showing maxes saves me hours of time too




kk and should i only show really good whites or every white except for OT / sprite world?


Your choice. I dont mind seeing everything


Cool, I’m waiting :slight_smile:



Video unavailable peepee head


how about this one


still unavailable


Is it on priv?


@Darkawaiii what does it say? Does it just say video unavaliable? Can you please screen shot? Because it works when i switch google accounts

ok it doesnt work on realmeye but it does on youtube…

try pasting this:
https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=YXDg7vJXhFo

remove the space before the /

Yeah that works, its a realmeye problem not a youtube one


i watched it already, maybe its because its private and people arent using their gmail acc

maybe im wrong tho

thats what i see


https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=4YZwvfilhn8


That link works!