Diamondest's overly lame ppe


Oh yeah btw im doing a huntress too, but


BOOM FUCC LODS im done with lods on that trickster!


aw dass hot the only thing I got in a lod was the untimely death of my priest




actually something I’ve never gotten, first one!


I am genuinely upset and disappointed. My day, along with week, month and perhaps year, has been ruined. Thank you DECA games for encouraging negative behavior in a pixel flash game. I shall now proceed to [This section has been removed from the text and the user has been warned] This is honestly disappointing and I think this is a way that DECA can improve this product. Removing this ‘ray katana’ from this game will honestly improve the morale, fiber and happiness of all players.

Thanks, Diamondest


Damn I go to . MVHS . aswell, Im a junior how about . you?


uh same lmao what are your classes?


American lit, chemistry, US History, intro to CS, Algebra 2


wtf i have intro CS, HamLit, and history


LOL what periods? mine is cs 6 lit 4th and 5th for history maybe we overlap :stuck_out_tongue:


fuck wtf lmao 1st for CS 3rd for lit and 6th for history
What’s your name? Do you play chess?


Yea I play chess, Im daniel.




Ok if you’re good can u pls teach me im so shit
do u use chess.com?


I am beyond words. Actually, I’m not, but I am beyond good words.


F unlucky


are you serious
somebody dragged on me while i was afk…


if you had the poison fang dagger equipped he would have been too scared to drag on you :stuck_out_tongue:


this is so sad


I’ll start testing, shooting for top 3

Are you goddamn serious? what the fuck?