Diamondest's overly lame ppe


Well @Ecookied i got Nile, and then Pyra:


s i t u a t i o n a l


Bro with all three parts loaded core is
+120 HP
+90 MP
+10 Def
+10 dex
+10 att
+9 spd
Already clearly better than crown


But you have to stick with weird alien armor that doesn’t even proc properly and some shitty a l i e n weapons which are like one of the most basic gears


haven’t even done a tomb during the event, which is stupid of me cuz i could get prot and the thicc rings


Ye the alien armor didn’t work in a udl and that caused me to die while leveling.


me compared to my mom
im 10 inches taller and probably about 70-75 lbs heavier


;_; still desperately waiting for a growth spurt even though it probably already passed


How tall are you?


5’6, extremely extremely short for my age


Which is?




Not that bad honestly
i am the opposite. I was tall for my age but i barely grew since then.
Now I am mediocore at best for I am
6’0 at 16 years old


Rip. My growth chart says i’m going to be 5’10 but I’m not optimistic


at MAX?
What is your ethnicity?
I’m pure Chinese living in bay area




the area too? Which city?


san jose


If you dont mind, which area of San Jose?
I live near Moffet in Mountain View


Oh nvm I meant san jose area, prob should have been more specific. I live in Saratoga