Diamondest's overly lame ppe


Now go farm cems and realms for ogmur scutum and oryx STs


um i have 2 scutums on this ppe, its in the image spam above

I’m going for that ogmur, dblade, and qot rn


Racks on racks, I think its the 3rd gemstone of this ppe


$$$ simply put


and a t13 bow but who cares, COULDA been cool tho


20k base fame, which is a milestone for me!

Edit: Almost… The dungeon that gave me a milestone took it away in the same run… almost

feat lag spike


mseal down, daze and slow the head, rotate if you know how, don’t rotate into the water, don’t stand on the converging shots


alright mans, i appreciate it, coulda been a crown but also coulda been a gemstone or just life you know


fourth one on this ppe! woo!


(one t13 katana later)

4 / 0 / 1 / 2


this is becoming hard to believe.
4 / 0 / 1 / 3???


and @Cornchips uwu


woland runs are my natural habitat


nice stuff man, Ive gotten a potatoe in my past 150 recent voids. I’m 8/3/5/3 though so I cant really complain.

edit: pog ppe


isnt this thing rarer than jugg? I’ve gotten 3 now -_- (not all on this ppe)


oh my god… i’ve never gotten one before in my entire life!!!1111!


gz, did not know if it really can drop… never got that thing.


(died on the necro with soulless - yeah, i know, a diamondest death!!!111111!!)

This skull “makes up” for it tho




Did you at least feed the mini sphinx?