Diamondest's overly lame ppe


na its legit anti flex


honestly all the armors are bad from it so


i know… disgusting, forced to use exalt… so laggy


Dang how rare are the revenant rings for u? I still need it


mfw I’d swap you any amount of quivers for that hide so I can finish the set…


I feel that… I got 2 quivers in one Davy when I needed naval for full set and wanted revenant bc I want that set, + I already had one quiver


a bunch of 0s and then…
also, i deemed the rings not worth of screenshot xd, i would trade both my rings for quiver man

edit: got a waki, thought it was white but it wasnt so i wont try hard to screenshot it


Sseal! My first one ever!


I would trade 2 quivers for one ring…


yeah cursed libs aren’t the most exciting thing… I do kind of want the bow though


man please ill do 2 armors for one quiver (i know this dungeon doesnt drop it)


didnt even know this was in the droptable but it looks so cool :smiley:


Why do you carry around T6? Scutum for stun and Oryx shield for DPS.


t6 is perfectly balanced, as all things should be


In what situation would you use T14 tho


For armors rings and swords, its primarily because i have extreme trouble with vault space so almost all my characters and vault chests are completely filled with items, i only have like 2 characters at most at a time ready to actually play on thats not filled with items, i’ve thrown away dozens upon dozens of white bags (admittedly low tier) to make space




it’s not illumi tho :<


Took u long enough


took an entire rework of the dungeon for me to get it… prob drop rate buffed too