Diamondest's overly lame ppe


took an entire rework of the dungeon for me to get it… prob drop rate buffed too


not bad, mts actually give crazy fame now so its actually so worth doing just for fame alone, its like parasite before it became washed up and slow


wow literally an identical bag, from loot chest too


pretty wholesome, on an unrelated note, my only bard died while doing third boss of thicket, put me above 2k fame for him so white star though so i dont plan on making a bard anytime soon lol


Lmao my bard died too
but it was in a cdepths and only gave me 50 fame
and it was a mule character that I used to store uts on and the only reason I went in was bc it was popped in nexus
and it had my void bow on it :sob:


wow thats a big rip, hope you get those UTs back real quick!


man i barely hit the chest, thank you game tho no complaints!






I doubt I will because I don’t even know which ones I lost. Every hour or so I think about a specific item that I had then realize that it was most likely on my bard


kinda poggers ngl, also fame gain is so insane now :open_mouth:


kinda beyond mad… i had 15 o3 completes with ZERO new tops and whites from o3 himself… i hate this

well, its time for my knight to return to business, since that trickster died in a lag spike:



Asses are usually incredibly rare for me in game so ill take it!!!