Diamondest's overly lame ppe


omg hakcer is so bad!


ik these are bad loot but… bruh momento

second o3 red bag… ANOTHER UB RING! Two UB rings out of two red bags! Isnt my luck amazing, guys?


that’s a lotta hp


Technically this is the only o3 loot i can post because it is the only one on a ppe
still cool, wish it was leather tho


duo necro ppe with @DuckyMomoz (on recording) finally getting some actual white bags!


Also you left dark?


yeah its a little too bad for reputation and why be in hacker guild when you are legit?




Yeah I saw after I posted it


join this guild, its legit, runs o3s (they can actually do u10 o3s and not fucking fail or get carried by nightq), and actually is active, has guild events too


I suck at o3 and tbh getting bored of game again anyways :smile:


its a better place to be in dark inactive ngl


Wasn’t dark like number 1 guild or smth?


yeah and we all left because it is way too gamer, also im a bit salty tbh they demoted me from officer…


ok so bad news, I did all 75 shatters for atk exalt and didnt get a single genuine crown from king, I’m probrably going to stop grinding shatts on ppe because I did get a crown… just unsastisfying because it is not from the man’s hands itself


DUDE OMG LETS GO avarice ppe! My first gemsbok white too (in 50 completes .-.)


never anything my necro can use… still stuck with cosmic BRUH


lmao you were in our guild PPE contest werent you


Yeah but i died on that necro so i rage quit, ill rejoin if you let me submit the trickster or necro


its over now but idk you can rejoin next time ig