Diamondest's overly lame ppe




actually why???


omfg i feel so fking good! Thanks dude! Avarice, T15 leather, monocle ppe!


The wrong ppe but ill take it regardless - at least its an unique ability and not a dupe!
also, that dammah destroyed me. 0 pots used in miasma but i had to use 13 during sun phase… im actually so bad im crying


YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW RELIEVED I AM! This trickster ppe can now RETIRE!


omg! omg! This samurai ppe is actually not bad for its fame !


wow… he my shining star!


dude he is actually a legend


3 of those, but im missing vast majority of t7 abilities .-.



this is the BEST katana on a samurai! Now im 3/4 perfect, enforcer and, like the trickster, it is perfect and DONE!


Best katana? :upside_down_face:


Do I see a mercy’s instead of glad guard???


Ok, i meant waki :frowning:

@Dbiz im not gonna wear the flex set until im done farming endgame content on this samurai, nothing is worth losing t7 / gguard/ cranium / crown


Btw how’d u get an ice crown on the necro? image


that is not the real set, its on retirement, so im doing a little realmeye flex




Never a bad thing to do :wink:


Nice, i died to beisa because i was too greedy to leave after being completely cornered


Which? Sammy?