Diamondest's overly lame ppe


Yep their Sammy PPE.


yeah the biggest loss there was UBHP… it was beautiful ring


I mean you got couple back up UBHP’s though.


yeah i dont post repeat UB rings loot but i actually got 3 UBHPs on that samurai


I would definitely sell UBHP’s for crazy underpay.


I would definitely buy them for serious underpay


Good news, Cult event on Oryxmas. Might join the event and let’s see if I can get my very 1st legit UBHP.


You have disappointed the flex gods


It looks not too bad


just look at this boys, and how sad it is - it could have been an INSANE boost to this ppe!


stop it. You’re making me want to do o3s :angry:


you should. Its relatively safe if you know what you are doing, the most important thing is to be a trigger happy nexuser (i dont nexus tho, i DIE)


and that right there is my problem

and also lack of suitable characters


no legit player learned o3 without blood and pain. Bring 3/8s with new tops into dung / osanc runs all day, its not that expensive and make sure you try to live as long as possible so its as much of a learning experience as possible.




sorry, i meant old tops, like skysplitter, abyssal armor, use warrior and just max speed


the new tops wasn’t my problem, it was the maxed part. I don’t have new tops either but I suck at maxing

I’ll start doing o3s either when my ppe dies or when it reaches 8/8

I have a deca thanks to the generosity of a guildie so I think I’ll use that to start myself off


Bring 0/8 priest with puri and snake eye ring :sunglasses:

also, I find std runs easier, rls call everything


actually usable sanc item, ill take it!


omg lets gooooo dude