Diamondest's overly lame ppe



Every single image is too big file size, and more than half of them are too big even after compressing or making it a small corner of my computer screen and screenshotting… so frustrating


how come you traded an hp pot for a gcookie? ah ok @deebomb


its a duo ppe, visconti is Diamond’s partner


this is a true vacation moment… i see kids getting 100,100 whitebags while im here just… yeah


Screenshots of colo sword, glad guard, and bplate?


He goes up 10k fame doesn’t update us ;-;


they are coming, and im not posting screenshots in chronological order, im on vacation rn so im just posting loot i get on this shitty laptop which so far was just the two quivers and fungal trap


bump :wink:


Dont worry, im warming up to o3s on backups cause i took a minecraft break with @Ecookied and this thread will return in full force very soon xd

i accidentally duoed with somebody during my warmups because leuc counter go brrr and literally made an 85 person pub run into a 2 person run


Wait that samurai was a backup?
oh and since you play samurai what wakis are good?


ye that samurai is a throwaway lmao and I play on him just for the sake of fame, his fame is super low so dying won’t hurt me a lot and I need more fame

no, samurai is not a good class, its like a clunkier version of proper melee


how do you have an 8/8 throwaway with t14 katana bplate glad guard and crown


That’s what I’m saying lol. Diamondest must have a really stacked account.


i have way too many t14 katanas it is almost worthless. Gguard i only ‘have’ five but i have blueprint so i dont care at all. Bplate is the rarest item and I would hurt if i lost it, but it helps me survive alot. Crown? I dont use crown on backups, crowns are too good for that. That is an ice crown, and i dont know what deca did to the drop rates this year but my pally ppe right here did like 150 and didnt get a single one. last year, i did a similar amount of ice tombs and got 20+ ice crowns. So yeah i dont care about that right now either.




He’s got a point though. The class isn’t that popular for a reason.


one of the highest base fame chars rn is a samurai ppe. Tomatonium’s is at 200k.


Scrolling through Realmeye’s top characters by EXP shows a large amount of warriors, wizards, knights, mystics and the like in the top 100. There were about 2-3 samurais.

Besides, popularity isn’t decided by exclusively the players with the most fame and time on their hands.


kinda getting off topic here


im just playing genshin and leeching in WC spawn room and then…