Diamondest's overly lame ppe



not ppe but same run, i am happy!


My samurai backup died so i guess im playing this pally ppe this o3 event
not a bad sanc though, that o3 was the most embarrassing o3 I’ve ever been a part of because it literally took like 20 minutes with god phases



I died purely because of lag and so I will be taking a small break, see you guys!


Rip. That was a great ppe and this is one of the most entertaining threads to read :+1:


Alright I’m back strong, so much has changed and there is so much more exciting loot now, be sure to keep your eyes open!


First o3 run back, I was shaking at the end… honesty the loot is sick but it just does not help me. I also have a warrior PPE at the same time right now btw.


I might have gotten a little lucky and angered my guildmates…


this run man went from 56 people to 7, literally so happy though (I used about 13 healing potions to survive)


A lot happened with the samurai and a kensei PPE that happened after and I will post the pictures eventually, but right now I just want to ask: does anyone want to do a duo ppe?


i would but different timezones and i dont have much time :frowning:


It’s all good, honestly I didn’t expect much either.