Did Deca do something? AMD graphics card


I don’t know how or why, but I logged on my pc to go grab the free alien fragments pack when I realised the game was running smoothly. Which it did not do last time I checked on an AMD card.

Has Deca fixed the problem or did something weird just happen and it’s just me who happens to have the game running perfect?

If the former, then praise be, I can finally do dungeons without panicking every 10 seconds cus the game freezes up on my laptop.


No, its still completly and utterly horrible for me


that’s honestly very weird then.


For me it’s loading faster and frame rate went up in realms and down in dungeons. Very noticible.

Edit: Never mind. It’s clunkier than before. They really did something and apparently is affecting people in different ways.


the game where you’re surprised that the game runs smoothly


no, i have pretty crappy performance in other games too.


Okay… I laughed.:joy:


For me it was laggier than ever


This update has brought a new problem for mac os users in particular? Something about them not being able to download the new update or experiencing heavy frame rate drop when encountering obstacles.


still funny to me that a game like this is so demanding
the “recommended PC specs” is absurd to me, when this game can’t even install properly on Windows 10 OS

incidentally, this: The Farewell Thread


Well I can say I’m experiencing the latter, on a Windows pc. probably a more common issue


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