every time i go in an populated dungeon or area i get disconnected. running dungeons solo or with my friend nothing happens.

is there anything i can do to fix this? my internet connection is fine and played with grafic sdetting and other servers but nothing helps


Is this on exalt? Try using ethernet, it fixed that kind of dc for me. I read somewhere that if your ping fluctuates for over 3 seconds you get dced, but that does not happen nearly as often using ethernet


my is plugged into ethernet and dc’s way more than flash does


Is it a rubber banding dc or do you get an error code?
Also some times I get one immediately after loading into a new area but its pretty rare


im using ethernet and it happens on exalt and flash tried both same issue.
it probably will be the 3seconds ping fluctuations. sinds the lockdown internet has been a little silly because of more people at home.


it doesnt say any code just lost connection to server
and than it brings me back to the nexus


I always get this even in the nexus after a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue: not sure what to do…


I think it’s the constant flashing of people spawning in.


i dont think theres a way to disable that isnt there


Disconnects today have been really bad. Never had a problem before today


Happened to me once when I traded a life for 7 ATT. Dropped them to the ground, tried to drink them. Got DCed. And lost those pots.

Moral of the story, drink your pots when they are in the vault chests.


what’s up? cannot login via exalt and with flash there are no realms to join.

edit: i connot understand. meanwhile I could login, did two dungeons succesfully with two white bags, and now I cannot login again.^^

cu later, im off for now.


I have the same issue with exalt as well.

I haven’t been able to play for weeks.

Tired on the client thru steam, stand-alone client. Tried uninstalling both and reinstalling. Tried populated servers, tried soloing a udl on a dead server. Nothing works.

Literally haven’t been able to play for about a month now.


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