Discord Server Events - Seal Clubbing Incarnate


I’m posting this just to warn anyone who might be interested in participating in any of the ROTMG discord events.

If you are not a professional, only do the events for PURE fun and basically do not expect to have any chance of winning.

I heard about the ROTMG discord from several players including Mizumi. I thought I’d be able to have fun in the events, feel some small amount of accomplishment, and maybe even win some gold.

I entered several contests. What I found was a bunch of veteran artists clubbing seals.

Don’t be fooled by the inclusive statements they make (advising you to download paint.net)! These contests truly are for experts only and are not for the community at large. No hobbyist will stand a chance.


Well, guess I’ll have no problem winning that upcoming story contest, because I am an expert storyteller and writer.


Yes if you are an expert I think you will do well.

My post is to warn newbies who might consider picking up something new in an effort to gain rewards.

You could literally practice making sprites for years and would still have a low chance at winning.


You know i won a contest by taking sprites from the wiki and paste them on a screenshot of me ? I took me 20 minutes, it was original, and i won 5th place.

you don’t need to be an art master to win one, you just need a cool and original idea and a bit of time.


I don’t think newbies entering will be expecting to win, a contest is ultimately a contest, it usually comes down a lot to skill and prior experience with the medium. That said, the current contest is specifically a redesign of an enemy, skill will still play a large part in the results but creativity will also probably play a large part in judging. Someone could probably do pretty well with a really good idea even if they’re skill level isn’t quite expert.


You’re right, it’s hard to just jump in and win. But you should look at each loss as a way to improve.

I’ve participated in all of Deca’s spriting contests so far but haven’t won a single one, but I keep trying anyway. And after each one I make sure to take a good look at the winners’ entries and compare it to my own to see what to improve on. The discord server contest where my Shiba sprite got into the game was recent; only after a few years of trying did I finally get something through. I didn’t get it first try, I don’t think anyone really does if you look closely. It takes a journey of self development as an artist to get there.

I advise asking for feedback from others on your work, as getting critique is the best way to improve. Either on #creative on the discord or you can ask other artists or me.

You’ll get there if you keep trying and improving, I’m sure of it~!


I do have to wonder, were they actually seal clubbing, or is the system set up in such a way that everyone, irregardless of skill, competes in the same pool?


Like @Pistoncow said, ultimately, a contest is a contest. Unless your entry is competitive with the others, you will not win. This might be disheartening, but who can you blame?
Are the other entrants in the wrong for submitting their own entries which may have won over yours? Are the voters in the wrong for picking the entries they consider the best? Of course not.
You have a very inaccurate view of the contests that is blurred by personal experiences. It is not right to call out other entrants for “seal clubbing” when they are entering the contests for the same reason you are.


It goes unsaid of that’s just how it is; there is no entry of who comes into the discord, so said contests are to be imbalanced one way of the people who are great artists. But, there are a variety of contests aswell, some moreover just art and spriting (these contests are most prominent under the assumption they use the product as promotion material/ingame UGC). Just this month only 1/4 contests require a higher degree of skill (being the resprite challenge).

But you are right, there aren’t a lot of participants in those contests anyway. The Christmas banner contest only had a handful of people (I think like 11) enter. Heck, the Carol contest was extended (and I’m under the impression) because there weren’t enough enteries.

To those who aren’t the greatest skilled, give it a shot. I’m sure catching like 5th place could be a reality with a honest “subpar” artwork. Copy/pasting sprites onto a nice background in poses can be pretty cool too. As for “veterans” “clubbing seals”, there isn’t an bar on entry, so you’re gonna have whoever comes through the door, and they might be really good. But, that never stopped some of the greatest minds from rising the ranks.

They’ve recently added an ST chest lottery for participating, so that’s worth it in itself.


TL:DR, OP has the shittiest attitude known to man.

There’s literally always going to be someone better than you at something, learn to deal with it and try to be the best you can be.


Get your head out of your ass.

I don’t know how to say this nicely, but your opinion is not taken highly, especially on the forums. You can try to convince people, but don’t think that’s gonna work out for you.

Though, something tells me there’s some other issue and this is just a way of deflecting :slightly_smiling_face:


NO. like one of my most looked up to role models said once:

“Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.”
― Joseph Stalin

but for realsies, @Backpedal has somewhat of a point, there isn’t much of a point in expecting to win when most contests have the “veteran” players winning most of the time. But that isn’t a bad thing nor a good thing, just something you can accept to make you better so you can have more chance of winning next time. self improvement is for losers though.

Ah yes, now this is the pahsiteevety of the community I was looking for, putting people down is funsies! By the by, I don’t think it really matters if his opinion is “taken highly”, because its a rather defeatist and pessimistic attitude that [most people] wouldn’t agree with anyway. But you probably already know that.


what even is that argument


what is with this losers mentality? aren’t these contests for putting content in the game?

you shouldn’t just say “welp might as well not try, i know i’m not winning that gold”. you should be doing it because you like pixel art, making it, and also to improve/add content to the game. your only motivator shouldn’t be some gold lol


I didn’t discourage people from participating in the events.

I just told them that they should expect to lose if they are a noob. That’s all I said in my initial post.

I clearly stated they should only be participating if they find the event fun.

I simply wanted to dispel the notion that prizes were actually within reach and I wanted people to go in with clear expectations.

I personally felt a bit deceived but that’s in the past and all I’m doing is just making sure people out there know.

you shouldn’t just say “welp might as well not try, i know i’m not winning that gold”. you should be doing it because you like pixel art

Yes that is what I said in my first post. It was never about the gold. It just isn’t any fun to lose. I don’t know what your attitude is but this is a game for me and a source of fun. It doesn’t feel fun when people with years of experience come out to just crap on your efforts (that you spent several hours on).


I got first in a Discord lore competition. If you don’t enter, you don’t have a chance at winning. :man_shrugging:


I just told them that they should expect to lose if they are a noob. That’s all I said in my initial post.

So you stated the obvious? Less experienced people tend to do worse than…more experienced people?

It just isn’t any fun to lose.

How entitled do you have to be to say that? Of course it isn’t fun to lose. It’s a CONTEST, contests happen everywhere and can be about anything. Contests are events where people show their EFFORTS AND EXPERIENCES on said subject. It isn’t fun to lose but MANY people lose contests daily but I don’t think I see them complaining about the results? Let alone seeing them complain about a contest whose results haven’t even come out yet…

If you say that new, unexperienced artists wont win the contest because there are better artists participating in it, then explain to me why NEW AND UNEXPERIENCED ARTISTS won the latest Deca skin spriting contest over the EXPERIENCED ARTISTS? I’m ugc myself and I saw it with my own eyes, out of all the winning skins, not a single experienced artists was in the top 5, save for Lily period



Also Backpedal:


Listen when they say “Download paint.net” in the contest description I’m not expecting to face Michelangelo.

Forgive me for thinking a discord event would be “chill” and relaxed.

Wilhuff is technically correct but it shouldn’t discourage you if you are in it because you really like drawing. I think there’s a difference between flat out telling people not to enter and setting realistic expectations.

Again, this is a game. I’m just not expecting it to be the Olympics of drawing. Maybe I was wrong in my assumptions but I truly don’t like when a community is setting its members up for failure. It’s 100% like inviting little league to face the MLB.


No one thats participating in the contest is Michelangelo tier. Just grow up and learn, practice and get better if you want to win agaisnt those “veterans”

And who said a Discord event on a HUGE discord server would be chill? Are you high? The bar was set to be high from the very start