Discord Server Events - Seal Clubbing Incarnate


Not to be rude but there are literally 3 people in the Rotmg voice on the server right now.

The past competitions I witnessed didn’t have more than 15 entries.

It’s just the same people with super skills crushing any unaware individual.




This isn’t about growing up.

I am not telling people to avoid the discord events.

What I am telling them is that there are several skilled individuals that win again and again.

They can take that knowledge and do whatever they want with it.

I’m not here to debate the discord events. I’m giving my personal experience.


This is how every competition goes. Do I bitch and moan about my shitty test curve that ruined my score because I got -5 and everyone else got -1? No, unfortunately that’s how competitions work. Unless you can establish and prove that the experienced players demonstrated malicious intent and/or explicitly made moves to undermine you, I don’t see how your accusation of “seal clubbing” holds any water.

Tl;dr: In a fair competition, those who are more capable rank better.


Well yeah, of course you’re not always going to win. That’s why it’s called a contest and not a giveaway. That’s why there are only a limited number of prizes listed and none called a consolation prize.

I’m genuinely confused by this thread.


As someone who’s been banned from the Discord, even I agree this is objectively false. Having skill certainly helps you win things, but people without skill can participate and excel. Someone calling you out for being wrong isn’t “putting you down,” it’s correcting your misconception.


the irony in his username lol

maybe the same people keep winning because oh i don’t know… they’re the best artists? just a thought.

would OP prefer one of the consecutive winning, best artists gets their submission thrown out and replaced by objectively worse art because “they keep winning and it’s not fair to the peoples!”? i wouldn’t prefer that. i don’t think any of us would lol


It wouldn’t be fair to have the Algebra 1 class taking the same test that AP Calculus students are taking. I’m simply saying the discord should very clearly state that this is an AP Calculus test so nobody gets upset.

Don’t be. The discord should state that it’s an “Expert Level” event that newbies can try out in.

Don’t put this in an expert level contest with no warning that it’s an expert level contest:

Don’t know what image editing software to use? Some great free ones you can use are: Paint.NET | Piskel | Gimp | Graphics Gale Please do not use RotMG’s Draw Tool as there is no way to save and export your drawings!

If you have to download an imaging editing software you’ve already lost lol.

If the discord truly wanted to foster some sort of educational and inclusive server event community (which they state they do), they would try to stratify some events by skill level. I’m not even saying there needs to be rewards.

I encourage everyone to go onto the discord and see the winning sprites. The level of skill is ridiculous (Michelangelo tier) and I firmly believe they are being cruel by encouraging inexperienced individuals to participate.


This comparison doesn’t work.

Art is somewhat open to interpretation: you can put forward some standards but there’s always a part of subjectivity.

Math is a completely binary thing: either you know the formula and how to apply it or you don’t.

Also so far you’re the only person who seems to be upset by this.

And how do you suggest they do that? What metric are they supposed to use? How many categories are they supposed to make?

Contest are for testing your mettle against others, not necessarily for winning.

You’re the one who entered this contest with the assumption that you were going to win something. You can’t call anybody else cruel for this because nobody other than yourself is responsible for your own mindset.


What? The only reason why they tell you not to use rotmg draw tool ( and thus, download or otherwise obtain a different software) is literally right there



This thread is hilarious to read


This is literally what happens when you try and debate a flat earther or anti-vaxxer


Really good to see you trying to insult individuals.



I’m not a flat earther or anti - vaxxer and he’s trying to compare me to those lunatics.

Most people here are arguing that entering the contest with a low level of skill is valuable because of the constructive feedback you will receive.

The majority of this thread is full of insults (some people gave constructive comments). How could anyone expect to get good quality feedback from the experience when this is the community response?

I didn’t receive any helpful criticism on the sprite I submitted.

Again, if people want to enter the contests I think that’s great. They just should be made aware that there’s a very low chance they will win and there won’t be receiving much in terms of artistic feedback.

If they put “Expert Level” at the top of the contests I’m perfectly happy with that and you won’t see any more complaints from me.


If I remembered how I would wc this


But its how you’re going to state such claim. It just has to be under assumption that everyone who is in the Discord has a chance to enter and submit an entry for every contest. You could just throw a tagline like “From Novice to Expert, all can apply,” but that doesn’t exactly solve your problem. And that depends on how you rank contests on skill levels.

To keep from rambling, the idea of an open contest for everyone in the Discord to participate means that you’re going to have people from all walks of life participating. And this might be controversial and don’t shoot my whole post down because of it, but if you stink at making art, don’t enter an art contest. I suck shit at spriting so I didn’t even bother. But I’m not doing it because I know someone is better than me, but because what I’d make is probably not that great in the first place.


Yes that is basically what I stated in my first post. My problem is that many individuals suggested I do the discord events and at least the last 5 contests have been awful experiences. Did I try to win some gold? Of course I did and it was disappointing to lose out on gold. But really it just sucked to spend hours only to feel like you wasted your time.

Thus, I came onto the forums so nobody else had to suffer the same experience (I still say there’s a difference between discouraging and setting realistic expectations).


ok so, if you feel like this when entering contests, perhaps you should lay off doing contests. I don’t say it as a personal attack, but typically these kinds of contests are for enjoyment (sure there are prizes but I’m sure there’s no quota or reason for DECA to give out gold.)

And yea, if you aren’t proud of the thing you’re putting up for contest, its sure not going to be expected to win. I don’t know what other way to put it.


If you did the events for the sole purpose of winning gold, then your attitude has a serious problem and no wonder you’re a sore loser.

Its supposed to be the experience that makes the events fun. You’re supposed to go out of your comfort zone and create something that You would be proud to say is your own, even if it loses.