Discussion Table & Bugs & ISSUES


I have people I still have locked years later from interactions that stemmed from trades, whether curiosity from the nature of the deal, or, more especially, blunders in trading, or (if this one counts) extended wait times to meet with someone running dungeons that I hailed on Realmeye. I still see some of those people making deals on that trading site, despite not locking them like the face to face offers.


Honestly I don’t think that your at fault. I would say it’s not very clear to users in-game how this works, without some background info from external to the main game. The devs should add a better in game explanation or something.

They could make it so exaltation stat bonuses only apply to one’s 8/8 characters, and just remove the exaltation tab on all non-fully-maxed characters. Most players with a lot of exaltations have no problem getting their guys to 8/8 anyhow.

Or just add a better explanation in game :3


but you already meeting people and having interaction when u playing realm, doing dungeons or even discord raids or guild raids only.
and remember this is a kids game, i get that kid would probly have more interaction than us adult cause they are only kids, but don’t forget that there a adult who have been playing this game for over 6 or 7 years and now they have works and this could add flexibility and more option. honestly DECA team could take this in any direction, this is just a idea that anyone can improve on, maybe they could add a option where u could leave a message be hide after trading that person idk, after all you are your own limitation.


Game for kids, taken over by adults with no lives


I hate you but this is accurate