Disgusting People (and some questions)


This is probably the worst case of “rape jokes” I ever encountered first hand. I wouldn’t normally post on realmeye calling people out, but this is too extreme.

Do moderators ban people for doing this? Also was it right for me to not censor their names?

(was this a worthy forum topic?)


Really? I’ve seen “vanilla” and some other guy say 10 times worse in the train

Nope, support/developers might.

Probably not but I could care less



Good times…
except when you start reading them and don’t notice TheOnlyWar dragging the depths on hell onto you


DECA banned someone for saying the n-word, but they probably won’t deal with this


I don’t think any action would happen to these players but I agree they are not the classiest of people.

But this is rotmg and to be honest I would say things like this are very common and I can guarantee you will see more of it.


this is why i left black bullet

people give them a special pass as to who’s a jerk or not, solely because they’re japanese…

in time, you start realizing they’re just like everyone else: big egos now trolling your local shatters! (uncharacteristic of them once upon a time…)

as evidenced by their recent wave of youtube uploads lacking in the modesty department, which happened to be my first queue to mosey on outta there…

anyway, @Qiytrcgfhy, you’re right to be upset for the unholy amount of “why do these people even exist?” people roaming around breathing YOUR air (j/k about the air part)
but, no joke is inappropriate in 2017… it’s been that way for decades, notably gaining momentum in the 90’s, but i think richard pryor is the one who opened up a whole new “is he allowed to say that?” type of stand up comedy in the 70’s

i guess just turn your offensive language filter on - that’s what it’s there for


Found what I was referring to, man the forums has a good search feature, not about rape but my memory deceived me.


Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I don’t think many people find funny and it’s quite morbid.

Like, I didn’t even chuckle or smile.

Hey I guess that makes me a non-f*cked up person.


this is why anime should be banned


It sucks that there’s people like this in the game.
You could try sending a support ticket to Deca, dunno how helpful it’ll be though.
The best advice is as most people have said - tune out the noise and keep reminding yourself, RotMG is an MMO, there’s always 12 y/o’s trying to be edgy on an MMO. Just don’t let them get to you.


True pretty much everywhere on the internet.

Looking at the chat excerpts @Qiytrcgfhy posted, they’re not even making jokes, they’re just saying random shit to get attention.


Just block them.


That means you do care.


Maybe I do :thinking:


No it doesn’t. Don’t you play RotMG?


Offensive filter would not affect messages such as this, it censors profanity mostly (only?).

It’s not worth posting this here on the forum as our moderators don’t have in-game powers.

You could report to Deca if you are troubled by their behaviour. Deca can issue bans for abusive behaviour, which seems to fit here.


I don’t see the big deal, I think anyone should have the option to say whatever they want on an mmo even if it’s not funny and just cringy middle school jokes.

There’s an ignore button for a reason


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