Divine Pet Grind/Should I suicide my Knight?


Hey guys this is my first post on this forum, I’ve been around since Wild Shadows days and have really enjoyed playing RotMG on and off throughout the years.

Since I’ve gotten white star, all chars 8/8 (except Samurai lol) the only goal I feel I have left is divine pet.

I’ve tried doing some boots on the ground, mundane, thirsty etc. fame characters by maxing them and doing lost halls, however I just find the game very stale when I do this. Often I’ll get frustrated with how boring it is and suicide at 1k base fame. Also with no consistent fame trains anymore I cannot just level to 20 with trix and suicide at 225 for 700 fame over and over.

I want your guys advice should I suicide my Knight?

I think I should get to 40k base and do it. I’m not sure though. I really enjoy this character. I’ve had this char for about 2 years. The character holds a lot of sentimental value so I’m indecisive about this.

Currently I have a Legendary Pet heal 90 mheal 87, it seems like divine wouldn’t really matter because Legendary is so OP and I played when pets were obsolete. Yet I still kind of want that divine pet.

Anyways if anyone has some advice on this or ideas for me I’d appreciate your insight. Obviously this Char won’t suffice for divine but I could make another Legendary and continue grinding.



If you want to suicide it, at least do it in a fun way. Like, rush lost halls. And record it.


wait for unity and die trying to stun o3


I would say nope because the account fame gained will get quickly eaten up, and I don’t think 80k alone would get you a significantly better pet, the big gains are in the levels beyond 90, so it really would take an ongoing effort to keep farming the fame to get anything noticeably better, IMO, so the loss won’t have been worth it. If you didn’t care about it, you maybe would have killed it off already, so that doubt tells me you might later regret killing it.

Now if you were thinking about quitting, then sure it would be a way to set an endgoal of getting Divine, but if you’re going to continue to play for the forseeable, ask yourself what you’d be doing the day after you’d killed it, and got the Divine pet. Wouldn’t you want to see the Divine alongside that Knight? If yes then better to let it happen naturally to avoid regret.

There are options to increase your fame:
Personally I only do Boots+Mundane on characters which only join in nexus events (because running around in the realms with Boots is annoying as hell).

The 225-method, but non-train: basically one UDL, Castle, O1, O2 gets you from level 1 up to the ballpark of 225 fame, maybe a little bit of top-up in godlands afterwards, or doing 2x Castle thru to O2 definitely gains it, so there is still that option to get cheapo fame. Sure it’s nowhere near as efficient as when there were trains, but you could always switch to your throwaway fame character when the realm is nearly closed. And make this an Accurate/Thirsty/GodKills/Tops which is pretty easy to do, selling whatever loot it gets to buy dying gear.

Doing this has the advantage that you can tailor it to how much petfood items you have, if you’re running short take a break from the farming, if you are overflowing to full vaults, focus more on 225-ing & dying, because it is a ton more efficient to keep taking advantage of the better gain.


This sounds fun. It’s been about 7 years since I’ve recorded myself playing lol.


Thank you for this reply Nevov much appreciated. This really puts things into perspective for me. I did not really think that through of having the divine pet next to my knight and now that you put that visual in my head I’m certainly leaning towards keeping him alive.

Also that sounds like a more fun way to get to 225 then training even if it might be a bit slow. Certainly has some advantages too it despite it being slower. (farm pots, events, oryx, more gameplay,).

I’m going too take a break from the game and then I think when I get motivation back I’ll start doing this method consistently.


That would be a sad way to go down :’(


Uh no. You should try to get Sniper then suicide. More fame for ya.


No. If you are tho, you should attempt as many epic sits on a boss as you can. Honesty with the amount of sentimental value the knight seems to hold for you, I wouldn’t do it. And anyway, you can perma ability most classes from what I can remember, and look at it this way, if you get a divine heal pet, you get soft :wink:


update just got Scutum. Thank you guys for your insights I have decided to keep this knight! I just got a Scutum drop and now have a complete beautiful UT set (minus ogmur of course). Instead of suicide I will make other fame chars with bonuses to suicide. As tedious as it might be it will more fun since I made an alt knight to do it on. Time to grind for divine pet/feed power items/heal,mheal, electric pet. Wish me luck boys!


The fact that most people don’t have this, even p2w and famous people (Talwar)makes me feel bad ngl. Maybe trading pets to friends for fame or sth would be a good idea (I have too many good pets I got randomly [heal/mheal heal/mheal electric])


That is actually a really good idea. Creating an economy for pets would be fun and interesting. The current economy is rather stale. Yeah, I didn’t even know about it after returning to the game and taking a hiatus. I think I just cared about heal, mheal. The nice thing about the fusing system is there is a chance to get it again and pair it up with your main pet (assuming it is not already divine.) Yeah that is interesting how some people don’t have it. Especially when they spend lots of money. Either ignorant, or just too lazy to buy/grind for eggs to hatch. I’ve heard some people using up to 370 eggs just to get it. I got heal, electric, mheal lol. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.


lol got heal mheal and electric first pet and for a while I alternated between that and Rising fury attack far electric




Bit late, but don’t kill it :slight_smile: It looks like its mostly the only character you play :stuck_out_tongue:


yup. :slight_smile:


update: I made a fame knight which I found fun at the same time because knight is my favorite class. I do not have sniper yet, or doer of deeds, nor leader of men. Im planning to suicide at like 46k. Been hitting the fametrain/lost halls frequently with the goal of getting at least 1k fame a day. Going well so far.


This is what corona does to you


You can just 8/8 new knight, move all gear to it, suicide old knight, buy same dyes he had and use on new knight. Have your cake and eat it too.


It’s not about the items, it’s about the character itself~