Divine Pet Grind/Should I suicide my Knight?


Update: 360k+ account fame gained from these fame characters in the past couple months. Just need 300 incs now and I will have a divine pet. Mainly free to play.

EDIT: I’d like to thank pubhalls, Wonderland, and the fame train discord for making this possible. Shoutout to all those wonderful raid leaders. :heart:


To give some more details about this epic journey, I started with a base Legendary Heal/Mheal/Att. It took about 130+ eggs til I got a feline egg that hatched to heal magic electric.

This took so much dedication and I really did not play much on my main characters since my return to the game. Quarantine definitely helped a lot here.


Me hearing about 360K+ fame gained through fame trains


smh wilhuff get a qot

You probably have a qot by now but I cant let the meme die


also 200+ voids… I dont like fame trains either but getting a divine pet was like the only goal I had left in the game. Also fame training is pretty efficient more so than halls. Not sure why people are so anti-fametrain it seems like a lot more are. What’s wrong with taking advantage to achieve a goal?




You need 26k feed power for one level, that’s insane.


Shoutout to @Cafe for trading me 57 incs


@Cafe Any chance I could get 57 incs too?



someones knocking on my door
i gotta go