Divnity sword glitch


So pretty much there’s a glitch with the new divinity sword when paired with the oryx seal(that boosts ur attack by like 150). It is when you time it perfectly so that the beam strikes at the 0.4 seconds your attack is boosted by 150. Since the beam damage scales with your stats, the beam hits around 10k damage in one shot. As a result, it disconnects you on instant and appears the message “hacker alert”. I assume this was coded in the game years back when cheat engine was popular in boosting your stats to combat players doing this. Please don’t ban me and maybe fix this… I got creative and thought it would be sick hitting 10k damage beams

Edit: Here is the link to the video

To time it perfectly everytime, just don’t shoot for atleast 1.4 seconds and then press your ability and shoot at the same time.


Literally hacker alert? 0.o


I swear I’m not hacking lol, if anyone has these items, please test it out yourself, if you time it perfectly you’ll get dc’d and get the same message


I meant did it literally give you the pop up “hacker alert”


Yea, hence the screenshot I sent


10k damage beam WTF, Deca plz nerf


Why do you have your cursor over AidanHaug?


It was accidently there when I took the ss, if you want I can take a video of me dcing and showing “hacker alert”. I’m just scared if I do it too many times deca has a way of tracking it and I can be banned


Mb. I’ll just give you the standard “this forums isn’t affiliated with DECA, go post on reddit/send a support ticket to make them notice”.


(18:35) It seemed to work fine for Hyeperion, but maybe that’s because it was “only” 5k damage.
iirc it’s just a simple “too much damage at once” thing - a reason why, from what I heard, the Blade of Ages also had to be neutered a bit.


Could perhaps be 5000 damage, I assumed it was 10k but I’ve never actually not dced to see how much damage the beam does with 200+ att. I’ll send a video in here in a bit showing it.


That is strange. I would definitely send something to Deca, but on a side note, when I looked you up on RealmEye u were a light blue star with 0 characters. Is this on testing?


He is now JT, changed his name


Ohhhhh ok thanks


How can I upload a video onto here, it says I can only upload pictures (png etc)


Use youtube (imgur if video is under 1 min)


Video is uploaded, https://imgur.com/a/VM5u9uq


I noticed that while the cooldown was up, the MP hadn’t been consumed on the seal by the time you got disconnected – maybe a desync issue triggering the anti-cheat.


Yea I tested it myself. DC’s me every time even if you’re in GHall and hit the dummies


nah its good