Do You Consider Yourself F2P Or P2W?


I suppose that is a fair point. I just don’t feel the need to spend anything, been playing actively for 3 yrs and gotten 8 char slots and 9ish vaults completely f2p


sounds like me. i only buy vault slots and stuff when i HAVE to. sometimes i don’t spend any money in a month.


You forgot to put p2p in the center, unless you’re interested in peoples different definitions of p2w and f2p. I’ve seen like 3 people suggest that they’re f2p even though they’ve spent money lmao.


I have payed a fair amount of money into the game, but never into pet food or items. Just character slots and vault chests. So I would still consider myself more on the F2P side of things simply because I am not paying to “win”, I am paying to make my playtime more enjoyable. I don’t want to kill off a character just to play a different class, so I bought character slots enough to have one of each character. I don’t want to throw out items, so I bought a fair number of vault chests to store my stuff. I think of them as massive QoL changes, but not purchases that directly make me more powerful like pet food or STs or something like that…


Exactly this. As I mentioned, that single time was as a “thank you, and good luck with transitioning and improving the platform!” kind of deal. I considered it… as my payment for getting the game, almost, as if it weren’t free to do. I’d pay what I did for that fee to get the game in the first place! The energy signet was an unintended bonus :smiley: I didn’t even know what it did before I got it lol

And for most games with cosmetics to buy/earn, I like going in with this thought in mind:


I usually don’t mind rocking the defaults in games, especially when almost nobody uses them in higher levels.

Edit: Also, that’s a massive poll count now, cool


Just also placing myself into this category. Don’t feel right saying P2W but also not F2P.


F2P 99%
P2W 1%



rarely spent money. starter pack. 2 skins and a few keys cuz i was desperate for an st.
nothing too p2w so i guess im more like a f2p. im kinda like in the middle


while I’m too poor / unwilling to spend any money, i’m thankful for the splurgers that incentivize deca to work on the game


F2p all the way. 7 chests, 6 (soon to be 7 after this month) char slots.

^^^ that’s with me missing the entire oryxmas