Do you like the planned sword nerf?


I hate it because Warrior is the only class I really play which is why I’m a dark blue and it just makes no sense melees usaly are new players wanting to have higher defense and great damage at the cost of short range


Melees are everyone. Everyone likes playing melee. It has an easy learning curve(sit and rotate around you enemy, then back off), and melts enemies. Maybe we should give the other classes a chance and perhaps nerf melees.


i main warrior, and here’s my advice: get a cutlass noob image

real talk, cutlass is easy to get and the best main sword imo


Wot colo sword more range and more dps


Stun immune like stasis immune
boom game changing


i dont have a colo :\


I like the cutlass but I find it situational


real talk, cutlass is easy to get


it’s probably closer to 200 due to chains and characters that are not dead yet

no sign of cutlass yet :disappointed_relieved:



i have like 4 and i barely do ddocks

its better than a tiered sword in every way. higher fire rate, higher dps, faster shot speed. the .2 range reduction is minuscule and melees are so fat anyway they can take the extra shots.


rotmg is not made for balance, but rather for destruction


Yes, I agree that’s broken as fuck. But, shouldn’t we ‘fix’ pets not melees?


I couldn’t agree more, pets have (or always were) been useless unless they had a specific set of abilities from the get go (MP heal, HP heal, electric for example). And honestly, it would take a full rework of how pets function if we ever want to see any change in that area.


they cant fix pets since people have spent a lot of $$$$ on them


I use the incomdomable


Indomptable is objectively a bad sword. It has terrible dps, the shot speed and fire rate makes its piercing useless and it gives you - 10 def.




It is great with the helm as it gives berserk a do’s increase for a short time, but I have a good magic heal pet so it balances


When compared to other swords on a berserk warrior, Indomptable loses out to just about everything. The only time it loses out is to pixie at high def (a place pixie is notorious for being bad) and csword at even higher def. And when a sword can barely outdamage a csword… That says something. Even with piercing, it’s a pretty bad item.


DPS graphs never do rightful service to pierce, while overvaluing hitting all shots on multishot weapons, doing a double whammy to visually underrep Indompt.

If due to being far away you are only partially hitting with Pixie/Dblade. the DPS drops way down.

But if due to pierce you can hit 2+ enemies, you are running with 2x the DPS, or more.
Imagine Indomptible’s black line raised up to begin at over 5000, and that’s why the item has worth. If you are able to hit two or more enemies there is no better sword. (But that is a mighty big ‘IF’.) An entirely situational item: it can be either great or terrible depending on what you’re fighting.

(Side thought @Pfiffel, the DPS charts could represent multishots better, by having additional fainter lines to rep partial hits, so eg. Pixie would have the high line for ‘all 4’, and then three lesser lines for 3, 2, 1 hits. Toggleable off/on? :pray::blush: )

Edit: made the IF bigger.


This is true, but remember that, even with piercing, Indomptable still has numerous disadvantages when it comes to getting in dps: slow shot speed makes hitting stuff very difficult, and low RoF means that any missed shots will significantly lower your dps. In addition, the -10 def makes getting close dangerous, limiting the time the player has to even have the chance of damaging the target.

That being said, I do think it would be cool to add in those lines, just to see how multishot swords would fare.