Do you like the planned sword nerf?


I assume you’re asking why other people aren’t complaining about maxed Wizards, 91 wis devastation scepter sorcs, and Dbow Archers.

Here’s why I think that they should be left alone- they’re some of the squishiest classes in RotMG. The Wizard and Sorcerer at max has 670HP/25DEF, and the Archer has 700HP/25DEF.
While they may have the comfort of range, that range means nil when enemies are B rushing at you.


But DPS doesn’t even matter since they don’t make the SB damage threshold higher like they should. imo remove all the damn chests, NERF PETS, and make SB damage threshold a lot higher for those who actually try to participate in killing the whatever it is you’re killing. Chests are just enabling so many leechers it’s not even funny, then they leave and that has the people who are left to deal with a massively over HP buffed boss to kill. So, until they figure THAT out, I won’t be a supporter of this bs of an excuse to “fixing an issue with the game balancing” because it isn’t a solution, it’ll make things harder for public events when they go down the shitter because people go in dungeons they obviously aren’t maxed for and mess up the HP scaling so, this is my opinion, once again, this is MY opinion. Have at it, open to anyone with a calm demeanor to give me arguments on my wants and point of views on this. (sorry for the swearing, but not sorry too because you should be old enough by now anyways. lol.)

Ugh, that horrible formatting, sorry for the ramble.


The “melees are bad” statement is mostly supported by the fact that there a lot of fucking incompetent melee players who don’t have the balls to go in deep on many bosses.


well, I mean… for one, two of the 4 items required for “91 wis sorc” are legit sorta rare, and my only real complaint w/ archer/huntress has always been that Dbow fills out its niche the best (come on, 400-500 for the same range, still pierces and only 1/3 RoF?), and comes from a godlands dungeon at the rarity of a plane or EP… it’s a joke. Wizard is just… I do nothing for the group in exchange for S tier dps at a safe range. Facts: the only reason YinYarn hasn’t made a “why the ___ sucks” on the final melee is because it actively helps the group stay alive.

…that said, I was actually talking to Backpedal.

Edit: I forgot to say that if you get a bit of luck w/ farming their respective drops, you can get piercing (xolotl), tablet (insane dps if you can aim, it sits directly on a tile and it doesn’t move erratically), a means to aim even less than spellbomb/hit all shots on targets that don’t sit on anything (recurring terror) and… armor pierce. I’d mention jade spell but I think that, even w/ the piercing it’s just a discount tablet.


Of course you can do those bosses on melees!

Did you read my post?

However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are the worst classes for survival.

If you’re tired or you slip up, your melee can be toast.

It only takes one “oh it was stunned” to kill your breastplate of life deca knight. (GHZD video best example

In ROTMG essentially every boss is more powerful the closer you are to it. Countless bosses will instakill you when you sit on them (GHZD and his warrior comes to mind). Countless bosses unleash massive bullet spray. Ranged have more time to react to these bullets. Countless bosses armor break. This, combined with SB damage threshold, means melee is simply bad unless you’re literally leeching and doing no damage with your melee (which LOTS OF MELEE DO).

Again, go into Oryx and watch what the melees do.


The fact that there are so many bad melees shows exactly why melee is a bad class.

You can’t tell me that “melee is an amazing class” when so many people struggle to play it.

There’s a clear reason why people are chickens. It’s because armor doesn’t mean jack for high tier bosses.

Of course there are players that can use melee effectively. That doesn’t change the fact that classes that are easier to play will survive more (especially in the hands of someone that can dodge).

Let me give a concrete example. I’ll use the dirty tombs that I mentioned before. Unless you’re buying keys dirty tombs are absolutely essential.

I can sit back at the edge of the boss room as a 0/8 assassin. I can lob my poisons. I take no damage. I collect some lifes.

Now can you do this dungeon on a melee? Sure. But you have to duck and hide behind pillars. You have to watch out for rage. You have to run back and forth again and again.

How can you possibly sit there and say ‘oh melee is good’ when the assassin literally pressed spacebar and maybe moved 5 times during the whole fight.


hmm I see a guy running into O2, slamming his face with a shield thus rendering him harmless, then he walks backwards if chase phase, runs in circles if sun phase or eye phase, and dodges if dance phase. afterwards he stuns him again and sits on him until he dies and then walks away with an easy damage callout + loot.


And how many knights actually do that? Not many
How many knights die doing that? A lot

I understand what you’re saying. However it’s a very simple concept:

Melee = Closer to Oryx
Closer to Oryx = More Dangerous
More Dangerous = Higher Chance of Dying
Higher Chance of Dying = Bad

Thus, Melee = Bad

Melee definitely doesn’t need a damage nerf.


wow thank you for explaining that to me! I had no idea that’s why no one went near Oryx.

Here let me show you something, it’s a very simple concept so I’m sure you’ll get it:

Stun = no shots whatsoever
enemy that doesn’t shoot = chest
chest = loot

oh I’ve got some more related to his stun immune phases as well!

dance phase

orbiting eye artifacts = everyone must fight at melee range anyway
everyone at melee range = might as well pick the strongest weapon type
picking strongest weapon type = sword
sword = ridiculous damage

sun phase

shots move outward before exploding = more shots around the edge than in the middle
fewer shots in the middle = best strat is to get in his face
get in his face = pick strongest weapon type
strongest weapon type = sword
sword = ridiculous damage

eye phase

rate of artifact stream rotation = too fast to circle O2 at a distance
forced to go in deep = pick strongest weapon type to endure the mess the shortest amount of time
strongest weapon type = sword
sword = ridiculous damage

chase phase

O2 in your face = rip range
rip range = pick the most powerful weapon cuz it won’t matter
most powerful weapon = sword
sword = ridiculous damage

melees are way too strong at basically everything. you walk into a realm and like half the players are all playing the same 3 classes. LH groups consist of anywhere between 50% and 100% melee classes when they only comprise 20% of the different classes available. the reason for this is that all of their abilities are broken and are attached to a weapon that does way too much damage. the melees need nerfing and have needed nerfing for a very long time. this needs to be a thing, followed by ability adjustments which I hope come soon.



More like a “oh shit I’m drunk I can’t see properly”

You see, there’s a thing called a phase. A phase is an enemy pattern is is 100% consistent all the time, and normally have a visual indication, it being a text box or a changed sprite, or something of the sort. Most of, if not all end-game bosses have a phase that is relatively safe for melees to get their SB in. Even for the unfavorable phases, there is plenty of wiggle room.

No shit ranged classes will have more reaction time, that’s their main strength, having range. Trying to say melees are bad because ranged classes have range is pretty fucking unreasonable.


Honestly I prefer to bring melee to O2 now because of the new phases, pally lets you stay in the entire suns phase aswell.


The only people who like it are those who exclusively use ranged classes. Of course people want more damage lol


Actually false, pretty sure it has around a shatter white drop rate (its just that udls are more common)


What Wine Cellars are you doing?

Dance phase - Everyone sits outside oryx (~10 tiles away from him) while the wizards spellbomb, the assassins throw potions, and the archers use their quivers.

Sun phase - Everyone sits outside oryx (~10 tiles away from him) while the wizards spellbomb, the assassins throw potions, and the archers use their quivers.

Eye phase - Everyone sits outside oryx (~10 tiles away from him) while the wizards spellbomb, the assassins throw potions, and the archers use their quivers.

These cheesy strategies work and are 100% safe, so of course people are going to do them.


During the sun phase it’s not possible for a melee to dodge every shot, so without a good pet you can’t stay close to oryx for long.

Here’s a skilled knight and look at how much trouble he’s having with the sun phase.


He literally says
“What is this new stage”
In the video
You can’t expect someone to nail it first time lmao

Xak explanation still works


mine :sunglasses:

git gud


that’s not a skilled knight that’s a coward. he didn’t go in on the dance phase (which is isn’t even that hard), didn’t even try to go in on the sun phase, and is wearing CC on a knight for some bizarre reason.

in all honestly O2 really isn’t that important or that clear an indicator over what classes are good or bad. the real indicator is LH, which has groups made up of like 70% melee classes.


Csword or Colo range (heck I use ass) is more than enough to do all the new Oryx phases.


"mine :sunglasses:

git gud"

That’s exactly why melee sucks.

I want to do hundreds of oryxs (I have 3 of the 4 set pieces) and do them in my sleep.

You’re basically saying melee has a high skill cap (and I agree).

However, in a game like ROTMG where mistakes can cost you a char, having a high skill cap is bad. It just is.

You cannot convince me that a knight dodging a sun phase is going to survive more oryxes than a wizard spellbombing at 10 tiles away, an assassin throwing at 10 tiles away, or an archer sniping at 10 tiles away.

Melee deserve to be ‘overpowered’ for this simple reason.

Also that dude used a dagger class (he wasn’t in 3.5 tile range most of the time) and still didn’t dodge every shot. He also sounded tired of putting so much effort into oryx. And in a game like this, repetition is what really matters.


Both csword and colo are whites. Colo is quite rare and I haven’t gotten a csword drop in months so I’m going to say that it’s also fairly rare as well.

They can’t balance the game around whites.