Do you like the planned sword nerf?


New dungeons would be great, and different mechanics would give people reason to have experience with multiple classes. However, that is also likely to take quite some time (making dungeons is a lot of work), and I think that melees could still use this nerf nonetheless.


Pet nerf must be something intelligent though, not just tweaking numbers, or it would just make everyone rage, which is logical, they paid a lot for this.

And even if you do, let’s say you nerf the numbers, then what? You nerf it to the point that a 100/100 can’t perma stun? can’t perma speedy on ninja? can’t perma seal? can’t perma helm? etc.
If you go down this road, then it’s prolly better to just make a petless realm/server imho

What we experienced is instead more and more pet stasis shots, or sick/silence/quiet, which is kinda the same idea.

Thing is, even with those pet stasis, new content HAS to be stun/paralyze immune (because yeah, imo, PARALYZE also need the à la stasis immune, especially considering elec pets…), and it is a bother that it has to be the case.

those à la stasis immune would remove the need to make everything immune, which is a good thing imo for future content, because otherwise, as others said, it just removes the class usefulness.

As for pets, I don’t think number nerf would change much, I’d rather see some other type of nerf.

The 3 interesting ideas I heard of so far are those :

  1. add some other pet ability that would be on par with heal/mheal/elec, like some flat stat bonus, some xp boost, some loot chance boost, some range boost, etc.

  2. make pet work only when you didn’t shoot for X sec, or only when there are no mobs in several tiles around you, etc.

  3. give pet rarity some good drawback that help closing the pet power gap, like for instance, equipping a pet reduce your loot chance (higher rarity = higher % loot reduction), but could also be about fame gain, about dmg, etc. kinda the same idea than 1 but reversely used


Gotcha, that makes sense.


Why are you people so crazy? Nerfing in a non pvp game is never a good thing.

  1. I’d leave if they nerf pets.

  2. Again, almost all skilled players are instakilled (otherwise they’d just nexus). A divine pet doesn’t do jack against an instakill. What is so hard to understand about this?

If you seriously think having a pet that heals 69 per second vs a pet that heals 90 per second is going to save you from a crusade shotgun you’re ABSOLUTELY DELUSIONAL!

There are lots of cheaters in realm (probably some in this thread). If pets are so good why do you need to cheat? They must not be enough LOL.


If you’re going to talk out of your ass and accuse people of cheating for disagreeing with you, you’re an idiot.

Most of the people who participated in this thread are people with years of experience who don’t play the game anymore because its boring, or reset their account because its boring.

The game is already too easy. Don’t justify your point with strawman atracks


Do a lot of people cheat in realm?

Why do they do that?

You know very well that there’s a huge chunk of the population that cheats.


Hey… I played for half a hour yesterday. And a half hour 2 months before that!


Lmao skilled? He’s using a Dblade in Oryx, and he’s using cc on a knight. Yes very skilled. Suns isn’t hard on a melee of you’re half competent.


He’s competent enough to survive.

Again, you cannot convince me that a knight dodging a sun phase is going to survive more oryxes than a wizard spellbombing at 10 tiles away, an assassin throwing at 10 tiles away, or an archer sniping at 10 tiles away.

In rotmg the best class is the class that has the potential to survive the longest. As I mentioned above, a plague poison assassin can do a wine cellar with essentially 0% chance of dying. Thus, assassin is the best class for oryx because it can get plenty of SB with no risk at all.


No I definitely can. Suns phase is easiest about a tile away from Oryx, so given say an acrop and an exahp anyone who has experience in susn can do it. I practically fondle Oryxs balls in suns with my warrior and get hit maybe 10 times


I played for 3 years as well. Don’t talk down to me like I don’t have experience in the game.

I’ll tell you what drove my friends away from the game.

They grinded for months to get an ST set and they lost it in a second.

They got tired of making new 6/8s for Lost Halls / Void just to get life potions.

They hated all of the Shatters trolls that ruin every public shatters.

They hated keeping their juggs in the vault because it was too risky to use them.

They hated having to join discord to do Lost Halls.

People don’t quit because the game is too easy. They quit because they’re tired of grinding. They burn out from grinding. Finally, they get more responsibilities in their life and can’t commit to grinding like they used to.


Pffffft, I played for a half hour and 1 MINUTE last month!


Hey CandyShi just look at the forums LOL.

LOOK at the thread that was just created.


Today there was a hotfix(something about nerfing succubus spawn rates), and after that hacked clients were unable to log on until the editors of the hacked client updated their clients.

MCH(a lh running discord) usually gets 60-ish ppl in a run but directly after the fix, only 12 showed up. Later, the ppl count went back up to 30-40 but dps was so bad in the halls. Key rotations in mbc took 5 rotations.

The rl’s were talking about how various ‘good players’ were hackers/acc sharing.

Kinda sad tbh.

You’re trying to blow smoke up my butt. I’m not buying it.

Look at all these ‘high tier’ players that love to use melee. They’re cheaters.


If you think playing melee is too hard then you obviously just shouldn’t play melee. I’m a warrior main and what you’re saying suggests that I, and all the other melee players, are cheats. Seems like you might have a bit of trouble playing a melee and are jealous of those who can :wink:


I love to use melees, they are my go to class for when i’m drunk because IK I have a lower chance of dying on them.


If I were jealous I’d want the nerfs. I don’t.


i mean if youre accsuing all the players of a class of being cheaters its pretty clear youre jealous of them c:


I’m glad they’re doing this. In a way I guess it makes the game a little harder?

I used to be a melee main… until I died. Being a melee makes you feel so dam overpowered. Too much power to the point where you start doing dumb things because you’re cocky.

Other classes need a praise… its time to make melees a thing of the past and make another character hold the throne




3 years is nothing.

You clearly do not have experience in the game from your responses

You also clearly dont know that I disapprove of MCH as a shitty lh server where the hacking noobs go